Is a recorded webinar a course?

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Arrggg I'm listening to a "course" that I purchased and it's a series of recorded webinars. I guess that's ok, but I have to listen to all the misc. patter , wise cracks, housekeeping, and all the typical webinar stuff before getting to any instructional meat. It's really frustrating.
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    Same with most standard videos.

    It takes 30 minutes to explain the 3 minutes of meat.

    That's why I still love to read the PDF versions, so much quicker and easier. And if I get stuck, THEN I can go to the video and see that part of the instructions.

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    True. It depends on the presenter. Many of them have me shouting at the computer "Get to the point!!" . A few though are well thought out courses, indexed or videos broken into chapters that allow you to get to what you need quickly. I appreciate those. I would say Eben Pagan is like that.

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    I was invited to a webinar recently that they spent so much time making introductions, all the hype of how bad their lives were beforeetc etc, they lost me aftr 20 minutes. All the webinar gurus need to realize how busy everyone is and get to the sales pitch or instructions on how they are going to make our lives easier because Frankly, people as a general rule only care about what's in it for them. Especially if they are trying to get a business going, while going to school full time, working full time, taking care of family, etc. Everyone is dealing with "life", so don't pat yourself on the back for the first 30 minutes of your webinar pitch. Serve up the "Meat and Potatoes"!
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    I use VLC media player. I can speed things up considerably.

    I once bought a course on autoblogging. It was how to setup a profitable autoblog in 1 hour or less. It took 40 hours of video many of the videos were over 30 minutes long. Try finding that one thing you can't remember how to do for your 1 hour blog...

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