What is the best free option? Blogger or Wordpress?

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Before I get flamed for this..... I know that you should buy your own domain and hosting so that you own the site instead of blogger or wordpress so please don't tell me that. Thanks

I just want to know what people think is the best free option if you were to go down that road.

So my question to you is, if you were going to use a free website would you use blogger.com or wordpress.com?
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    Blogger all the way down.

    It allows a lot more customization, and it's completely FREE (wordpress may charge you for some extra features)
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    Tricky one. If you are wanting to do the COMPLETE free way, then I would say Blogger.com.

    But if you are just not wanting to pay hosting fees each month and want to get a blog started. You can get one started for just $7 by buying a domain name with godaddy, just use Coupon code: FAN3

    Then you go with a web host that has cpanel and is completely free. I know there are more out there, but this is one of the many. 000webhost.com/

    It is not free, but total costs this route is $7. And with Cpanel hosting, you can use Fantastico to easily install wordpress. $7 route gets you your own domain + web hosting. In my opinion it is well worth it. What if your blog pops off to be big. Then you would own the entire rights to it
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    Both are really good you just need to have quality content and niche title to get good followers for your blog.

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    I prefer wordpress, I've used blogger also.
    I'm not sure what you'll be promoting (if you are) but in this case I'd go with blogger since you won't be able to use adsense w/o your own domain with wordpress.

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    blogger as it has key SEO benefits just like youtube has compared to its competitors.. wordpress.com sucks IMO.. its just another web 2.0 not seeing them quite often in first pages.

    Thank you
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    Neither. Anything that you can't directly control is dangerous and shaky ground. You could wipe your work with one change in their TOS. Besides, considering the fact that hosting costs you just a few bucks, why would you want to go that route?
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    I agree with Ldimilo, but it also depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If you're only needing one site and no plans for self hosting then go with blogger, if you plan on self hosting later on then start with Wordpress.
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      I too agree with Ldimilo. Look at squidoo. Many had their sites black-balled.

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        Hmmm....right now more people are saying blogger over wordpress due to the fact of how easy it is. Interesting

        I also just added a poll to this thread so please vote!!
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    I use both but my wordpress is a little more difficult to customise than blogger. I like the fact that you can reply directly to comments on Wordpress
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    I also agree with Ldimilo, free isn't the best way to go. Your better off buying hosting that allows unlimited domains.

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    I used to prefer wordpress because of the themes but today you can find similar themes on both of them. Beside Blogger is owned by google which for some reason i guess maybe easier to optimize for google.
    I would say sign up for both and try their Control panels and find out which one do you prefer.
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