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Hi there

I tried to ask for help in the thread about CI - the reason I've joined the Warrior Forum at this time is because someone said I might get a reply to my problem quicker here than on the CI help in the program itself. But for some reason I can't post in that thread til I've made 20 posts elsewhere. So, hence my posting here, and hoping that someone can help me?

Here's the post I was going to post in the CI thread:

Hi All
I'm new to the Warrior Forum - I came here because someone suggested I might get a quicker reply to my question here than in the Commission Ignition help platform.

I've read through all of the posts here and on the CI help forum, but haven't found the answer to my problem. I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with this please?

I bought a domain name with GoDaddy. Opened a hosting account with HostGator because they use cpanel (in answer to those who've asked about hosting - the host you use has to be a cpanel one, not plesk).

I changed the NS servers to the HostGator ones. Added the domain to the Hostgator account. Used the information from the HostGator Welcome email in the Niche Site installer, and just get the swirly indefinitely (it's been going for half an hour now) - I've tried this several times.

I've tried it with the url HostGator give for the control panel, I've tried it with the server IP address they give with /cpanel after it. I've checked all the details are correct by actually logging into my HostGator account using the same information, and I've checked the domain is definitely there in my HostGator account.

I find the idea of installing manually a bit daunting so if possible would really like the automatic one to work. Any ideas please? Thanks v much in advance.
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    Just a shot in the dark, Niche Site installer probably needs FTP access address ans password. While it may not be in your lesson plan, I would get an FTP access utility and manually verify that the login address and password re right.

    Some installers that don't FTP probably require you to temporarily change the folder access permission settings with an FTP tool, knowing FTP will get you closer to a manual installer's skill set.

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      Hi Webapex - thanks so much for the speedy reply, much appreciated!

      I'm not very familiar with FTP but will have a poke around and see if I can work out how to do as you've suggested...
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    Hi again. From what I understand, the auto thing has the ftp in it. However, I've now been trying to follow the instructions for the manual installation but can't figure out step 5. Here are the instructions:

    Q - How do I install the sites manually?
    Ans -
    1)Save the zip file from the manual down load.
    2)unzip only one level and this will give you installer.php and
    4) ftp to your domain directory on your hosting server.
    5) Log on to cpanel and create a database, username and password. make note of all those
    6) on the explored or fire fox type (here they give a website url, but I'm not allowed to post urls - the usual ht... yourwebsiteurl/ installer . php (had to put spaces so it will allow the post, but of course there are no spaces)
    7) you will see a screen for you enter database details , enter the details. 8) press install
    9) you will get a message 'Congragulations" means that you have installed successfully.

    How do you "create a database, username and password"? I've searched through the cpanel, and can't see any option to create anything called a database??

    Any advice please? Thanks v much in advance.
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      Can I use a theme I use for my other sites and copy paste CI content into it?

      To Motivate your day!

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        The sales video said they made $371 a day with no traffic generation. Does CI tell how they did that?

        To Motivate your day!

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    Uh oh... i just bought CI - but haven't had a chance to get into it it that difficult to use the thing? Did I just throw away money? Crap!


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    The best bet to learn how to use FTP and create a data base in Cpanel is to go to YouTube and search those phrases. There are more than enough videos that will show you how this is done.

    I think that's the best way to get your feet wet and learn the basics. It's not that hard once you have it explained to you.

    Here, I'll help you out:

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      I don't know why everyone is talking about FTP unless they are doing a manual installation.
      I can only say that I had no trouble with automatic installation and I am using HOSTGATOR as my account.
      I bought my domain from

      The only problem I had was following the instructional vids - sometimes a bit confusing and/or hard to follow - a little too fast imho.
      As long as I am mentioning this, let me be fair and mention that they seem to be upgrading videos and product features.
      They just added a number of 'ready-made' websites, and niche classroom vids.

      Step by step video #6 was very easy for me to follow - but has nothing to do with this particular question/answer subject.

      Anyway, for people wanting to do an automatic installation, hosting with HOSTGATOR.COM:
      On the SITE THROTTLER page, where, in the very first fill in window they ask for: "cPanel Login Address (ex:" I used this url info, directly from the HOSTGATOR welcome email:
      Your Control Panel: (xxxx) being the four numbers that ID your HG account.

      I don't know why CI asks you to use "" but I found that "" worked fine for me.

      The site uploaded quickly with no problem.

      I never tried using "".

      I don't know if this would help you but have you talked with customer support at GO DADDY and HOSTGATOR?

      I hope this worx 4u.

      Please post again if it doesn't.
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