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No, my account has not been hacked, and truth be told, I probably could put the info into an ebook and sell it for a few bucks on the forum. But I figured what the heck, I'll give it away for free right here and save you the money.

Every day, people ask my opinions on so-called work at home business opportunities that are really pyramid schemes or scams thinly disguised as such. Many of these people are desparate, recently lost their jobs, and need to feed their families.

If you're in this position, fear not, I have put my 'super brain' to work and found legitimate stuff you can make money immediately at provided you are actually willing to work. There is no upfront investment required, and I can guarantee this stuff pays like clockwork, or I'll pay you double your money back via paypal or Western Union Money Order (your choice). Here it is:

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Use this, profit from it, and please feel free to post testimonials on how this info has changed your life.

I'm releasing reprint rights to this report to any and all people who actually read it and put it to work.
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