how much is the revenue of the weight loss industry? (for info products only)

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just curious...
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  • Jennifer Nicole Lee has coaching program for $10,000.

    One thing you have to keep in mind though is she brands herself as a fitness celebrity. Once you build up your name big enough you could charge $10,000.

    I would suggest that you start off with a cheap front end product $20 or less then sell higher priced back end products
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    i am asking about the whole revenue of the industry. sorry if it wasn't clear.

    EDIT: just changed the title to make it more clear.
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    Found this in my mailbox. You may wanna check:
    U.S. Weight Loss Market Worth $60.9 Billion
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    I would say 'tons'... oh sorry, couldnt resist the pun :-)
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      Industry heavyweights are making hundreds of millions/yr. {sorry - couldn't resist either}
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