[Email Marketers!] Do you write newsletters on your own?

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Attention email marketers,

I need your kindness to answer some questions,
regarding your email newsletters writing preference.

Any suggestion also appreciated.
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    Originally Posted by James Schramko View Post

    ok that makes sense
    Thanks a lot for participating
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    I personally dont have a problem paying someone for newsletter content but I hired 2 people and they were just posting rehashed garbage. This is what makes me reluctant to hire someone.

    On the other hand, if someone knows his stuff, a couple of dollars per post is not too bad.

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    that would be a good service, creating quality newsletter takes time, efforts and research. And once you have a series of newsletters setup you can set them up on autopilot for all your new subscribers. But it should be something of high quality...

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      I didn't answer the poll because the answer I would have selected isn't there.

      I would not sign up for a generic "newsletter content service" on a monthly basis, preferring a combination of writing my own stuff and using hand-picked syndicated content. If I did hire a writer, it would be on a project basis until they had proven themselves.

      Even cheap monthly memberships get awful expensive when, for whatever reason, most of the content is not usable. It could be great quality, but if it's on a subject I can't use, it's a complete waste.

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    I doubt if I will ever pay anyone to write my newsletters - at least not in the long term.

    Sure, I can some contributions, guest articles etc.

    But the core has to come from me. Why? Because nobody cares about the outcome more than I do.
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    Sure! Outsourcing is simply leveraging other people's time to bring in more business and focus and growing your monthly income.
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    I always create my own newsletters. I would not trust anyone else to handle this job.

    The most important part of any business is the relationship one has with a list. No one can do this as well as me.

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