$12,000 in sales in clickbank and on measily check to show for it?

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Hey warriors, boy has it been a while. I have been up to a lot of stuff lately and i need anyones advice on this one. I have been out of the IM game for about 2 years now and randomly today I recieved a $200 check in the mail from clickbank. Pleasant surprise i figured a youtube video must have made a sale from a longtime ago.

so i checked my clickbank account for the first time in years and sure enough, the youtube video i was thinking about made a sale - oh yeah and about 100 others also. I am owed $12,000 by clickbank starting from 5 months ago to now, and i have only seen one check for this month. What should i do? How can i get the rest of the cash that they owe me? All advice greatly appreciated!
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    Call their customer service. As you state you have been out of the game for 2 years, their T&C's have likely changed or your account has been inactive too long and they are holding the bulk of it.
    Whatever the reason, they are pretty good as companies go so you should be able to sort it fairly quickly.
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    Yup, customer service should take care of you. Now thats a nice surprise and testament to youtube and affiliate marketing.
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    $12,000 and you only just know about it now. That is bizarre.

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      Originally Posted by cooler1 View Post

      $12,000 and you only just know about it now. That is bizarre.

      No that's not really bizarre. He said he got out of IM about 2 years ago and there were things out there making passive sales without his knowledge. I've had that happen with a ClickBank account I had forgotten about. It wasn't until was going through my hard drive and cleaning it out did I find the login and password to this other account. When I logged in I found I had made over $500. I checked my threshold and for some reason I had set it at $10,000...

      Long story short... sometimes this happens and it isn't that bizarre at all.
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    Here's what I would do if I were positive I am right...

    Take a screen shot of your owed 12k inside your account and send it to support.
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    12k..!, check your acct/profile see if everything is in order, pay amount setting, etc. Absolutely call them, they are a good solid company when it comes to the biz side, accounting and so on. I just mailed an expired check , 5 months old, past the period to cash it, and per their own rules, they mailed me a new one, 5 months later...! That says what kind of biz they are....
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    Congrats. Now do the same with other products. Just don't come back and say CB's owing you $120,000 after 2 years. We will have none of that!
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    CB will not owe you up to $12,000 because you will
    fill out payment threshhold when signing up. And when
    your commission reaches it, CB sends you check.

    Use medicated glass to look at your account. LOL!
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    This seems pretty bizarre. Your numbers don't add up, unless you were just giving ballpark numbers. Are you sure you're owed that much and it's not 100 sales, with $200 being your commission? That is a pretty small commission percentage, but seems a lot more likely than what you think is going on. :confused:
    "Keep moving forward."
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    Easiest thing to do is assign your account to me and not worry about it anymore....LOL . That sounds like a pleasant wake-up call to what you need to do now.

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      I wish I could accidentally make $12k. Soon, Shaun, soon.
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    Doesn't CB require you to have 5 different credit card sales before they will issue payment?

    If the bulk of those were all paypal transactions they wouldn't pay out either...I think?

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