Making a Great Soup vs. Looking for the Magic Ingredient

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Hi all,

First I'd like to thank some Warriors for your valuable feedback over the past couple days, particularly Thomas & Roger. Much appreciated guys.

Now on to the topic of this post:

Are you making a great soup or looking for the magic ingredient?

Often times we tend to get caught up in the little stuff. To a certain extent little things do make a big difference. As the saying goes, "The devil is in the details."

However consider that great marketing is a lot like a great soup. All the ingredients work together to create the results you want.

Sometimes when things aren't working we want someone to tell us "the one thing" that will have it work. Most times that won't make the difference.

Here's why:

Any single marketing element you are using does not exist in a vacuum. It exists in combination with all the other elements you are using.

As an example, a lot of times people will post asking for others to review their copy. They will say something like:

"I have a sales page up but I'm not making a single sale from the traffic I'm getting. Will someone please help me fix my copy so I can start making some sales?"

The question is: how do you know the problem is the copy? The problem could be any number of things:

- The quality of the traffic
- Not enough traffic
- Not a product the customer wants
- Graphically unappealing website
- Too many steps to purchase
- Lack of a secure cart (or the perception the sale is not secure)
- Incorrect price point
- Too many price options
- You didn't provide up-front value
- Etc. etc. etc.

Again it's a soup. All of the above things work together to generate results.

So when you are examining your results, in addition to testing small things be sure to consider the full experience your customer has when they get introduced to you.

Ask yourself questions like:

1) Where is my traffic coming from?
2) Who are they and what do they really want?
3) If I were them what would I want to read on a site I've just been introduced to?
4) Would I pay for this product the way it's been presented?
5) Would the purchase process make me feel comfortable as a buyer?


This can also be applied if you're an affiliate marketer.

Think about what kind of experience you would want to go through as a customer in getting on someone's list then immediately getting introduced to other marketers' products.

What would make you buy? An honest and thoughtful review? A recommendation not to buy product A but instead buy product B because it's much higher quality for the price? You get the idea.

The moral:

Instead of searching for the magic ingredient start making a great soup.

Ken Preuss
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