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Has anyone bought ready to go websites? There is a section here where they sell completed websites. Has anyone bought any? If so, who would they recommend to buy from? If 10 are bought, what percentage would you expect to be successful and make some money?
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    If you are talking about what are often called Turnkey Web Sites, you may have trouble getting the site to rank in the search engines if it is identical to 100 other sites with exactly the same content. The same site design may be resold over and over on ebay. Adding original content or rewriting the existing content would help ranking.

    My small town has 2 chiropractors with web sites all bought from the same specialty service, they are nice looking informative sites but they have an identical set of articles, they may never rank well in Google, luckily their practice's Google Places pages do come up in search results, clicking them sends visitors to the nice turnkey sites making them useful at least for local searchers.

    Taking over a proven successful web site business with verifiable monthly earnings may be more sensible, the negotiations may start at a price of 10x the monthly income, some site flippers are skillful at inflating the traffic and earning figures beyond reality.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    When you consider the extremely cheap cost and what you are getting:

    10 or so articles
    Premium Wordpress theme
    Bonus/ebooks, etc. to sell
    Photoshop files to edit

    Everything already put together in a blog that usually looks better than the vast majority of blogs out there.

    And you get all that for $25 or less. Where's the drawback? All you have to do is rewrite the posts that are there and/or begin posting your own unique content and you've got a niche site that can compete with any if you do the work.

    If you think they are just set and forget, then it's a waste of money. You would have to post unique content.
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    I've looked at flippa but I don't know how to truly verify the information that is offered. Any ideas?
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    In my opinion, its better to create a site of your own rather than buying those ready made sites.

    Internet Marketing Tips http://metricstick.com

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    When I was first starting I bought a affiliate marketing site from ebay, he posts one after another of the same site with different name and domain, great support, good looking sites, several revenue streams but they are not optimized and you have to go in a rewrite all the content and they are on his wordpress theme. It was ok, all the videos were youtube and the article were in public domain that anyone can go and get. You are better off doing it yourself. if you want to look at the site he made for me, pm me and you can check it out.
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      Do most turnkey sites use wordpress?
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    "Turnkey" sites do have a place, but many people get that place wrong.
    They are good a starting place. As already mentioned a turnkey site in the state you buy it is the worst thing for traffic or ranking.
    Some may say its the same amount of work to optimize a pre-made site thank to make it from scratch, possibly, but if you are unable to make your own then this may be suitable.

    Pay your money and take your choice. One thing though, take revenue claims for a dirt cheap site with a pinch of salt.... always look for the word "Potential" with any revenue claim
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    To be very frank, they are good but you would need to work on SEO as well as post new content. Ready to go websites are not bad at all if you know to utilize it properly. If you just purchase and let it remain then it would hardly even make a penny.
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    Yea I have bought a couple, mostly forums they are great and you can easily make your money back in a matter of months
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    I prefer designing and developing the websites other than ready to go websites.
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      It is better to build a new website rather than buying a completed one.
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