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by Mehak
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hey guys, I am an experienced internet marketer but now wanting to go into the field of webinars and not sure where to start. Is there any recommended channels I can use to test out a webinar at the lowest cost?
Thanks in advance
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    GoToWebinar (Webinar | GoToWebinar) has a free 30 day trial so you can give it a try. Unfortunately though, you have to enter some payment information BEFORE activating the trial.

    After the trial is over, the cost is about 100 bucks a month.

    Make a few sales promoting something during your webinars and you should easily earn enough money to pay the monthly fee.
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      thanks for your reply. yes definitely, we're here to make some dosh!
      much appreciated
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    I haven't tried it yet, but I know people who have... If you don't want to do live webinars, you can use Stealth Webinar. It's a software product where you pre-record your webinars/teleseminars and then schedule them to playback as if they were live. It allows you to market in different time zones and essentially "do the work only once."

    Stealth Seminar | Automated webinar playback and scheduling

    I've seen it in action and it's amazing! As soon as I get some money coming in I plan on buying it.
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      yep, i think this is more what i was looking for. thanks
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  • Hi guys,

    I've got Stealth Seminar and I'm looking for help setting it up - designing the pages, programming the replays, etc.

    Any recommendations?



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