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New to IM. Question. Maybe an oversimplification but just to help me formalize a plan is this a good start?

I find a product on Clickbank. Create a blog that has the link to the product main page. Now if I use article marketing to drive people to the blog and then they click through to the product page they have now seen information three times about the product. Is this how it works? Seems like overkill but am I on track to visualize the process?

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    That isnt overkill, its just the beginning.

    Also promote the blog on any social media you can, forums or newsgroups.

    I have to say though, selling one product this way unless its a really hot seller isnt a long term plan. It will get you some capital though to expand into other areas.
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    YEah I agree with Bagpuss you should try and upscale this if you want to make it worthwhile. Better to set up a micro niche blog that has very little competition and promote many products in that niche, from clickbank and other affiliate sites.
    This way your getting more return for your efforts!
    Hope this helps!
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    It isnt overkill because the article would shed light on the niche topic.

    Your author bio would give info on the product and your blog would be like a presell to the main product. This is the only place where you have to convince the visitor why they should buy from you, not on the article

    As the bagpuss said, it is for the short term. What you can do is structure your blog to have a opt in form on the side and look for PLR content to give them a free gift. Here instead of your visitor just clicking on your affiliate link never to return, you now have their contact info and can build a relationship with them for the long term.

    Hope this helps
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    You find a product on ClickBank, THEN you research to find the potential traffic and the competition for the keywords that will drive traffic to your site/blog. Do not put the cart before the horse or you may compete against formidable odds, and get no traffic. Two or three visitors a day may make you feel good, but it will not produce income. There has to be demand, you need to be able to fulfill the need, and most importantly you need to be up against manageable competition.
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    Yes, good informative articles, that interest the reader will bring them in for more. A repeat of the information will maintain an interest, and result in a return and potential purchase. TV commercial marketing states a potential buyer needs to see the info 9x, to convert into a buyer.
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    It has been said that it takes someone seeing the offer 7 times on average before they buy. Remember, with the method you are using, you are relying on someone to make an "impulse buy" which is rare.

    That's why building a list is important, so that you can expose them to the offer 7 times (more or less) before they buy... Instead of having them come to your site, leave and never return!

    So while 3 times might seem like a lot to you at this stage, try doubling that plus one!

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    Not overkill at all. Apparently, people have to see an offer about 6-7 times before they buy. Crazy but true. Just do it in such a way that it does not look the same but is still sending them to the same link. Be creative and review different angles of the product each time.
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    Originally Posted by buckeyedave View Post

    Now if I use article marketing to drive people to the blog and then they click through to the product page they have now seen information three times about the product. Is this how it works? Seems like overkill
    Hi Dave,

    No; that isn't quite how it works.

    Yes; that would indeed be overkill, from the sales/product perspective, and would lose you some customers.

    One of the commonest mistakes that new ClickBank affiliates make is "selling" instead of "pre-selling" on their own site.

    The articles you use to drive traffic to your site should be about the niche, not about the product. And the information on your site should be more about the niche than about the product, albeit with some "pre-selling stuff" about the product. So people will have seen "product stuff" one and a half times, not three times.

    They'll see it more by email. And for you to sell ClickBank products steadily, they'll need to.

    However you look at it, selling ClickBank products steadily boils down to three main things ...

    (i) You have to select the products wisely: without getting this part right, it doesn't much matter what else you do;

    (ii) You have to pre-sell effectively to well-targeted traffic;

    (iii) You have to build a list and form relationships with the people on it, so that they'll buy on the strength of your recommendation. Without doing this, your conversion-rate will typically be somewhere between "very low indeed" and "non-existent".

    These things aren't optional: you really do need to do all three of them, otherwise you're probably chasing 10% (if that) of the possible money and ignoring the other 90%. So the emphasis, on your site, should be "getting the opt-in", not "selling the product".
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      The thing you have to remember is that the product you choose on Clickbank will have others who are doing exactly the same thing as you for very similar search terms. You have to stand out from the pack somehow.
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