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by Landis
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I have a web based tool that works in the browser and I want people to pay a monthly subscription to get access to it. Can anyone point me to a script or product that will allow me to

1) protect the tool from people that aren't subscribed to monthly price
2) integrates with clickbank (plan on selling it on there)

I have looked at a few other scripts (DAP,RAP,DLGUARD,AMEMBER) but I am not clear if they will protect my web based tool. Everything I have read indicates they protect wordpress sites or all html pages. Please let me know if you know of any such products,

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    First things first, make sure you have the developer encode the source. We use a custom built licensing platform that is integrated with WSO PRO. I'm sure there are some cheap licensing platforms out there though, check out code canyon.
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    Of the ones that you mentioned, I've worked with AMember to do exactly what you're talking about. I believe that the other membership scripts aren't quite as flexible.

    AMember not only gives you protection for any html or php pages that you specify, it also exposes some of its membership database information to other scripts. For example, you can have your own protected php pages look up the ID and level of the currently-logged-in member, and you can have your php pages store member-based information pertinent to your script's functions in separate database tables under the member ID assigned by AMember.

    I hope this is clear. I've tried to give a very simplified version of what actually happens.

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    Thanks for your responses.

    Burton, the script runs on my server and I will giving access to members.
    I will look deeper into Amember, thanks Steve!

    If you have any other suggestions, please share!


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    Restricting access to your script should be achievable with any paid membership system, as that is exactly what membership systems do.

    If the script is only a small part of the membership, and requires an additional fee, then you will need a membership system that offers multiple levels of membership so that script access is restricted to only a specified member level (i.e. free members can't access that portion of the membership, but gold members can).

    Sid Hale
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