where to invest $3000 dollars with solid porfit virtual biz only

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Hi friends,

need your ideas and suggestions, where should I spend USD 3000 with solid profit.
profit should be quick and high or it must be stable long lasting.

here you go, ideas please!
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    One safer approach, buy an existing web site that's already earning money, rule of thumb price starting point monthly revenues x 12 = a site earning $250 a month.

    Ideally you find a site that's under developed, perhaps with a distressed seller unable to properly promote it, you can tune things up, increase traffic and revenues.

    There are tricks employed by serial site flippers to inflate earning, page rank and traffic figures, taking care of your due diligence is essential.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    I can tell you one thing and I'm 100% sure about it:

    There's no the best way to spend your money

    But, if you want an opinion from me, here it is:

    If you're new, I would get inside a coaching program.

    For example, Jason Fladlien has just launched his coaching program "6in6coaching" and it costs just $97 per month, which is an amazing deal (if you're interested in it, contact me and I'll give a bonus for it if you go through my link)

    So, coaching would be $97.

    I would get hosting account, AWeber (autoresponder), domain. That's $40.

    Then, I would start building my list.

    I would set up a simple squeeze page, and then buy solo ads and run a few free WSOs. The best resource that I currently know for getting solo ads and also setting up ad swaps is safe-swaps.com, but it costs $25-$35 per month and I can say it's well worth it, because they have feedback system just like EBay has. Again, if you want to register, send a message to me and I'll give you a bonus if you go through my link.

    Before you buy solo ads, set up a thank you page and a page with your gift. When people sign up, you will take them to a thank you page where you have affiliate banners. That way you can make your money back immeaditly. You also have a couple banners on the page with your gift.

    So now go there to safe-swaps.com and buy a couple solo ads. Spend $1000-2000. For that amount of money you will easily get at least 5000 clicks. If your squeeze page does it job and you have an exit pop up, you will get 2500 subscribers.

    Now you can start ad swapping. Use safe-swaps.com for that. It will make your life easier. Do one ad swap per day. Very soon, you should start making $100 a day while working 1-2 hours. After a year you will create a real business, if you follow this advice

    That's what I would do.

    By the way, if you don't know what to promote, I recommend promoting Jason Fladlien, Lee McIntyre, Kim Roach. These affiliate programs will pay you a lot of money

    Hope this helps,

    Matt Poc
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    buy web site with monthly earnings...
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