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I just noticed that the big banner ads up top say Ads By Warrior Forum. For about 30 minutes now, I've been logged into my Adwords site trying to unsuccessfully site target to advertise here, to no avail.

The last 15 minutes, I spent tracking down threads, and found that it's possible to upload a banner, pay a fee and your ads be shown.

I also noticed however posts from people that said, they've been waiting two months to get an ad approved. Are these posts merely to thwart competition? (Their doing a good job, as I was interested but now uncertain).

Has anyone ran any ads lately? I know approval times vary, but how long did it take you to get approved?

If it is taking months to get approved, is there a special moderator we can contact to expedite the process?

Finally, did you have a positive experience advertising on WF, and would you recommend it to a fellow Warrior.


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    I have also been contemplating this and looking forward to hear from others. Two days ago, i tried to place and ads on "warrior for hire" section and got approval in less than 24hrs. I don't know if the approval came thirty minutes after placing my request because i went offline immediately i placed the request.

    I actually didn't go ahead with the ads any more because i realize that my services is on the high side compared to the cheap offers there. And i also don't have the time to manage any PMs that will arise as i am currently working on a project.

    Waiting to see hear the outcome from others as well.

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    It is not the approval that takes a long time. When you want to advertise there... you are at the end of a long line waiting for the same opportunity.

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    It may take a couple of weeks or so to get approved.

    What is positive? Yes. Of course that will depend on your offer. Once it is approved, you still need to wait to get a slot. Some sit there and refresh every few minutes to get a slot. Some try it at odd times of the day and night. I've done both. There are always people trying to get that slot and there are only 10 available per day, but sooner or later, you get in.
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    You should make sure that the payment drop down is showing (with the amount) before uploading. Otherwise you may be wasting your time.

    I had my banner approved in less than a week last month.
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