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Hello. I am using aweber on my website. Is there a way I can find out where the subscriber came from, i.e. Google search, this forum, Twitter, etc? Thanks. Lori
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    I'm not sure if you can track it separately if all the different sites (forum, twitter, etc...) lead to the same landing page.

    What you can do is create a separate e-mail opt-in landing page for each place where you post a link. Then create separate AWeber opt-ins and you will be able to tell how many come from where.

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      if you are dealing with low traffic, you could probably match the aweber signup IP address in your analytics software and figure it out.

      i know there is also a way to display the referring url on your site using php. using that method, you could use a hidden aweber field and input the referring url into it, thus sending the referring url to your aweber account.
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      In cases where I want to track various lead sources to
      the same landing page, I use a php script to do this.

      Basically, you place the leadsource.php file on your server
      and then get the landing page to call the script to detect
      the source of the lead.

      In addition to detecting the leadsource, it's also possible
      to detect the keywords used by the visitor and more.

      I learned this method a while back from Infusionsoft:

      Infusion CRM and Analytics (no affil.)

      Then in AWeber, you create a hidden field in the webform
      to pull the data from the cookie for the leadsource.

      So yes - it can be done but you need to know a bit of
      coding - or have access to someone who does.

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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    You would have to create different forms for each site, you can assign a different ad tracking value to each form to determine which form they filled out (ie where they came from)

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    Thank you warriors. All great posts. The selflessness of this forum continues to amaze me. Many thanks for your time. -Lori
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    You can see it in the aweber. Go to subscribers on your list. It is in tracking id but only the optin form where they subscribe. You will not really know where they found it.
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