Is making unreasonable claims in sales copy or advertisement unethical?

by Chr
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Its quite common for products in the IM niche to make absurd promises like "Make $10,000 dollars a month on autopilot with no technical knowledge or hard work". Do you think this is an exceptable marketing strategy?

Two of my threads on similar topics got locked without any explanation. If you lock this thread, please PM me or post the reason for the lock. Thanks.
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    My crystal ball tells me about a ban coming... toward you

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    In some ways its becoming more than just unethical....please take a look at what FTC has been doing recently.
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    Same topic we've had discussed here a dozen times or more this month. If you think as little of the industry as your posts suggest, you might want to consider changing businesses.

    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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