How to check if your WordPress site has been hacked

by UMS
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Yesterday, I got a call from my father to say he was getting a warning that one of his WordPress sites contained malware.

I had a cursory glance at the site and it all seemed to be fine (content all appeared to be normal), but on further inspection, I discovered malware in some javascript files that had been uploaded to the WordPress folders.

After hunting around for a while, I found a really use site [NOTE: I have no affiliation with this site. I am just recommending it as I found it incredibly useful] for detecting exactly what malicious code was on the site.

This enabled me to very quickly track down other malware that I had missed.
I then went and check the other WordPress sites on his hosting account and found they all had the same issue with malware.

Luckily I managed to clean everything up in around 15 minutes.

The free online scanner I used was:

Sucuri - Monitor & Scanner dashboard

It scans your entire site looking for malware and if your site has been blacklisted.

While all of the sites I checked where WordPress, you can use the scanner on any type of website.

Hope you find it useful.
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