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Do most people build their niche sites using wordpress? If so, why?
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    Because its very easy to set-up especially if you have a good theme!
    For Example; "The Flexibility" Theme for WP is perfect
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    - provides good SEO right out of the box.
    - easy to update content on your website without knowing HTML.
    - imagine free design themes, or the ability to extend your website with polls, contact forms, ratings or hundreds of other cool features without having to hire a web developer.
    - quick & easy installation
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    I personally like starting out with wordpress because its very manageable to use. I would recommend it to people who are starting out with their first few sites.
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      Wordpress is great to use and if you set up a Wordpress master file or website clone you can get sites created much faster.

      Under two hours including content, images, etc and ready for promotion depending on exactly what I want to do with the site.

      Need a fresh start or help to take your business to the next level? Click here to find out more...

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    WP is my favorite. Though I understand HTML and PHP, I wouldn't look into the code because WP is almost ready to use.
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    Yes. because it is easy to use, not to mention that it is cheap and free. With WordPress you enter the Do-It-Yourself world. No more waiting for and paying a programmer to fix a tiny error, saving you time and money. Lastly, WordPress also makes it easier to optimize your search engine results. That means your site is more likely to land on the first page of Google results, which means people are more likely to find you.
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    Just curious, I use 2 sites, 1 word press and the other someone built it for me and was expensive. Just wanted to know what people prefer.
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    I use wordpress because it's really easy to use, you don't need any coding experience or skill either. The ability to easily add plug-ins, change themes and your site's layout through widgets makes it a no brainer for me.
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    Wordpress can be set up easily and quickly with one click setup provided by Fantastico script present in all cPanels. It is free, SEO optimized and easy to update and you have tons and tons of free themes and free plugins to make any kind of blog. Even the paid themes and plugins are not too expensive and add fancy bells and whistles to a blog.

    Because of the very large user base, more and more developers have started developing scripts and softwares specially for wordpress. I doubt if any other content management system has so many custom designed products to it's name.
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    As others have managed, wordpress is very easy to install and maintain, even for the total non-techie. Also, there are a number of excellent SEO related plugins to get things going right off the bat.

    Wordpress isn't just for newbs either, major news organizations like Techcrunch and CNN use it too. It's an extremely powerful, not to mention free, CMS.

    Really, the only negative I can think of with wordpress is that it's sometimes fairly vulnerable to hacks. I recently had my wordpress blogs get hacked because of a certain plugin (phpmyadmin for wordpress), which was pretty annoying.

    Long time internet addict, relatively recent SEO and internet marketer working on a variety personal projects, like my best seiko watches website, as well as jobs with clients. I'm always looking to expand my knowledge.

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    Wordpress is brilliant for newbies...allows them to quickly get websites and lead capture pages set up quickly, so they can concentrate on what really matters...marketing.

    Like to earn while you learn how to build your online business - find out how with this FREE marketing bootcamp - http://sixfigurebootcampwithaileen.com

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