What should I charge?

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Today, I received an email asking what is my rate card for placing a banner ad on one of my blogs.

They want to know what I will charge for a banner ad of 140x140 or 200X200 to be placed on my site.

I was thinking top right for a banner ad on my site.

They want to know what my rate card will be for such a banner ad.
What is a rate card?

What should I reply with $5,$10,$15,$25... per month for such a banner ad?

What are others charging?

thanks in advance...
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    Well If you can tell me how many Visits your blog is getting a day, then I can help you determine the amount you should charge them =)
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    If this is your first time maybe 5-10 dollars per month? It really depends on your visitors. How much are you even getting?
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    Its upto the company and your niche you can charge even $400/ month if you have enough visits to your website.
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    That's not really much in the grand scheme of things. If they are asking, let them make an offer. Better to get some money coming in, then none at all.
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      I have more than 5000 visitors per months, then what should I charge to place a banner ads of 140x140 and 200x200.

      Looking for some suggestion
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    It depends on so much...
    -what are you making right now with your blog
    - what is the ctr for that position
    - what wants the customer to pay
    - what do you think is a reasnable price for that spot
    - want you that customer coming back, make sure that the price is in balance with the ctr

    Voor example... if you use adsense on that position and you can make $5 everyday for that position than the miminum you have to ask per month is $155. But if you sell products through that position, say $17 and can make 2 sales a day than even $1000 per month is not enough....

    Hope this help
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    for 1000 pageviews per day ask them for 10$
    or if you are getting less or more ask accordingly
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    You cant really make any money with only 15 visits a day...
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