Are you skillful about Forum marketing

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i just decided to start out on body building forum marketing about am not sure of the ways i could get the best out of it using my signature.

I would be grateful if your can post some tips that you are currently using.
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    I think the main key thing is to contribute good content to the forum. If you are consistently helping people in the forum and posting useful post, people will soon be aware of you.

    Focus on giving values and people will click on the link in your signature file to get more information from you.

    Nobody like spam as spamming the forum will not get you any results and your account will be terminated.

    Hope my humble contribution is useful to you


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    Thanks Zack
    Thats a good start for me
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    I think the term "forum marketing" sets people up incorrectly, you're not joining forums to get in everyone's faces and 'market' to them, it should be a lot more subtle than that. I contribute to niche forums as I would on any other forum, I use discrete links in my signature and never reference them in the my posts.

    Most forum marketing I do is to create contextual backlinks and also to get some traffic as well, just add value to topics and make sure you don't appear as a spammer either. The best way to build a relationship with the members, is to just act normal and comment like a real human being, not like a bot.
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    lol Rough thats awesome i think am now getting the picture
    i usually join niche forums that i would like to learn from and also contribute
    what i know
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    I think you should get to associate more with your niche forums.Check around,answer their questions and make useful contributions without sounding much of a 'marketer':u're dealing with humans,not robots,
    also,you need to tweak your signature.a nice signature puts you on the edge to get more prospective buyers check out wat u have to offer.
    Hope this helps.
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    In addition to all the good advice you've already gotten, it's also a good idea to look through the forum and see what problems you can help solve - without asking for anything in return.

    Simply give the solution and let that be.

    You'd be surprised at the number of people who will contact you on their own because you helped somebody else and they saw your post.

    Be genuine and give honest solutions. You'll see good benefits from approaching the forum this way.
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    The points are already discussed here. I would like to share a tip for that will help building trust in you somewhat I guess. You can share your real nice picture and some information about you. Information that are specially critical about your area/niche. I mean things that will prove that you have the authority in that particular area/niche.
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    I think i have gotten the clear picture of forum marketing from relationships to posting
    Am really greatful
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      There's a related thread going about blog commenting here. Much of what is said in this thread also relates well to forum marketing.
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    As a forum owner who allows signature links, what I like to see is someone who contributes to the community, If you just join a forum for the links without quality posts then you will quickly be marked out as a spammer which will usually get you banned on most forums.
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    I think giving contribution to the community is best way of getting more and more traffic. Yes having signatures links on niche forum site is the best way for traffic as well as rank, and you know you really can not be allowed to post spam post on niche forums as they are quite strict and they only allowed related and useful posts in order to keep their niche forums clean.
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    I'm not skillful but, still I can give you a tip to build beautiful forums with free of cost. While your niche is good to support that is BBwordpress get register with it and dump the files to your domain.
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