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by art72
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I am designing a basic video squeeze page w/ a Bonus download. Nothing major.

However, I am completely stumped as to what is required regarding legal disclaimers?

The product is a New Clickbank item, but if I am just doing a review of the product and funneling people to the affiliate sales page...Do I need

  • CB Disclaimer?
  • Privacy?
  • Terms?
  • Earnings Disclaimer?
Obviously, being FTC compliant is important to me. Thus, can I simply provide all the above in a sitemap/footer links to sub-pages?


Do any of these need to be 'stated' clearly on my static homepage?

Forgive my inexperience here, as I imagine a link within my site will be sufficient, but I see so many variations of how these disclaimers are displayed, I just want the "cleanest" (and compliant) presentation as possible.

Finally, is there a place to obtain these disclaimers without violating another persons copyright?

Naturally, I can always copy someone else's and tweak it to my company/site name...but for affiliate marketing especially, I would a legally bound site without having to hire a lawyer.

All the Best,

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    You must have privacy, terms, and earnings disclaimer on every page of your site. You can just put small links at the footer of each of your pages. (this is the cleanest possible look)

    There are a bunch of free services that offer free privacy policy, disclaimer, etc. Google "privacy policy generator", "disclaimer generator", etc. and you should be able to find them.
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    I would also add..that you should make a template on from your video site and just copy and paste the sections for each page.

    This way it looks much more professional than, using the entire document with sections
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    Cool...confirmation appreciated.

    My intention was to have at least.....Sitemap|Privacy|Terms of Use|Earnings Disclaimer.

    And if my efforts serve well enough in the weeks to come...My Company Name. As for now, it's just the website name.

    Thank You Both!
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    I'm glad to help out!
    In the future, whenever you are uncertain, just go to any squeeze/sales page from a big-name IMer, and copy the format that they have. They've already put in the time and trouble to figuring out what legal/disclaimer/notices have to go on the page, so you can usually just copy that and be set.
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