Any Advantages to Selling eBooks on Fiverr?

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Just curious if any warrior has tried to sell their eBook on Fiverr.

Any advantages or disadvantages?

Any experiences to share?
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    I have quite often thought about it. Just one of those things i never got around to. I guess it depends on how you value your ebook. If it is a quick guide then it could definitely result in a lot of sales. But if it took you a fair while to write and you value it at more than $4, then i would suggest selling it here as a WSO.
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    I've tried .... kinda.... it's not an ebook, it's a few pages of report I put together on a topic. The advantage is that you complete your gig in a matter of seconds. The only disadvantage I see in this is if your ebook is worth more than $5 (or $4 to be more precise). But if there is a demand then it may be a good idea to sell it for less. Sometimes you make more money by selling your stuff less.
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    interesting idea - i've never done it but i suppose its worth a punt, I'll give it a go when i have a bit of time
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    Selling service in fiverr is more popular than selling product.

    I recommend you to sell service in fiverr cos service can get repeat purchases from same client.
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    I think maybe it is not easy sell ebooks on it.for I broswed the keyword ebook,but not many buyer on this yet.
    but the ebook cover services sell well there.
    what do you think?

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    I agree selling services are key for repeat customers and more money.

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    I think selling books on fiver is a good idea if you want to grow your list and get leads. You can sell a short report for $5 and then follow up and try and sell them higher priced items.
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    My two cents,


    Don't do it, unless you have a strong desire to convert your ebook into a PLR book. If your ebook is not faring well, consider the following:
    1. Do you have a search friendly title?
    2. Is your ebook cover attractive?
    3. Does your ebook description sell well?
    4. What distribution channels are you using, and how can you make your ebook more acceptable?

    If you've already considered the following, please excuse me. Maybe you will be better off selling yourself short through fiverr and other channels.

    If you sincerely have a decent and original product, respect yourself enough to tweak the system you already have in place. You can always find an appropriate channel to distribute your work.

    Trust me. As a writer myself, it feels better to have an appreciative audience than it does to have mindless purchases.

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    The main disadvantage:

    You have to log in and manually mark the gig as delivered.

    It is a pain in the back if you are selling more than a few. Actually if you are only selling a few it is extremely annoying as you have to log into your fiverr account on a regular basis.

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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      Actually if you are only selling a few it is extremely annoying as you have to log into your fiverr account on a regular basis.
      Outsource it
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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      The main disadvantage:

      You have to log in and manually mark the gig as delivered.

      It is a pain in the back if you are selling more than a few. Actually if you are only selling a few it is extremely annoying as you have to log into your fiverr account on a regular basis.
      hpgoodboy I think I finally got the edge over fiverr. I created an Instant Access Gigs to allow sellers to sell their ebooks and software automatically without any interruption on seller part.
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    well, i never try this way. i also consider Fiverr as a place to do service. if you do not care too much on the result, i think it worth a try.
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    I tried listing my ebook on Fiverr but it went unnoticed. Someone mentioned fiverr being popular for service oriented gigs....i think i agree.
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    They aren't the best sellers, but they do sell

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    Hi, I wrote an ebook focusing on why some succeed and others failed,..and sent it out to some friends to read for constructive comments. All came back with very positive compliments (not becoz they are friends..).. and when I put them in Smashwords and Kindle,.. there is, to date only ONE sales ! (The Handbook - Your guide to living abundantly).
    What other alternate source are there to sell ebooks ? I think of Clickbank, but getting the sales page and doing those update in clickbank is not my strength. Help !
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  • Profile picture of the author Lori Kelly
    I have been thinking about this too. My ebook is almost finished. I'm thinking about doing a WSO and exploring other marketing options.

    With fiverr, I am thinking about offering a "condensed" version. And an upsell to buy the complete version for $X.

    Great suggestions here. Good luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author MikeyMillward
    I have had some good success on Fiverr, from my experience services worked very well, keeping the creation period under 15 minutes is key, for a relatively low profit.

    I offered a condensed version of an ebook, trying to promote extra chapters with the idea to upsell, but had very few conversions.

    Don't let this put you off, I built a few strong lasting relationships!
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    • Profile picture of the author edwood
      On a related topic, just wondering if anyone knows of a software/service that enables you to determine "what's hot and what's not" on Fiverr. Is there any way to find out what the most popular search terms are and so on..?




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    Selling an E-book on fiverr sounds like a brilliant strategy, tons of people are on that site EVERYDAY and undoubtedly someone will be interested in the niche you serve. You might have alot of competing E-books pop up now that this thread is up though. Joking...

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    I tried to selling ebooks in fiverr didn't work but I could sell some through my websites.
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    I saw some people are selling somebody else's ebook and not their original ebook.. because selling ebook in fiverr , you don't have enough space to write the sales page but just the video with very limited duration... so, do you think it'll work this way? I don't
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  • Profile picture of the author Raydal
    Having to log in to deliver the product is for sure the disadvantage
    of using Fiverr to sell products. They really need to add an instant
    access feature. But services are a lot more popular than ebooks.

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  • Profile picture of the author Hardcoremarketing
    Fiver is a great test environment for your book, but remember that Fiver only has a certain demographic and that might not include potential readers.
    I'd also suggest that you throw your ebook up on Amazon, particularly the Lending Library, to start to build your list and test without spending a ton of cash.
    If it starts to show real results on either site, then you can pull it down (lending library requires 90 days), shake it up a bit and relaunch it with a higher price tag.
    One tip- Lending Library requires that you don't sell your book anywhere else during the 90 day test. The workaround is to have two different titles for your book with two different ISBN's and covers (if you are using ISBNs) and this will also increase your knowledge to refine, test, repeat until you find the magic.
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  • Profile picture of the author megawarrior
    Fiverr isn't big on ebook sales (it's more service-oriented). You can give it a try but I wouldn't rely on Fiverr solely for sales. It's not worth the effort unless you can produce the ebook with minimum effort (e.g. good PLR or something short that you can write quickly).

    I put up an ebook gig before on fiverr (actually a short 3 page report containing instructions on how to accomplish a particular task) and only sold several copies. It only took me above an hour to put together and I was sort of 'testing-the-waters' regarding fiverr ebook sales, so I don't consider it a loss of time. I've also looked at other ebook gigs and they don't seem to have much sales either. My backlinks gigs on the other hand have done well...
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    I thought about it too. But I found none of the ebook seller on fiverrr are doing too well. So gave up the idea.

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  • The price of what you get in return from providing product or service on Fiverr goes down each and every day because of inflation it will be interesting to see in 5 or 10 years what will happen with it.
    soon people... Relax...
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  • Profile picture of the author Tenzho
    Wow, List my eBook on Fiverr today, instantly got one sale.
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    I have recently started making gigs on fiverr and want to share the knowledge stuff I have. For a start I have shared few things you can collect it on fiverr. This can be an amazing find for someone looking for genuine stuff for cheapest price.

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