How to Do Upsells with PayPal Checkout?

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I was just wondering if there's a way to do upsells with PayPal.
What I mean is: Sometimes I see where after you buy a product
it ask you if you would like to buy this other product? If not, there's a link
below that says something like "No, thanks take me to my product..."

If they decide to buy that product, there may be another upsell with the same system I explained above.

Is there a way to successfully do this with PayPal? I also using OptimizePress.

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    You're unable to do One Click Upsells using PayPal, you can set the auto return link within PayPal to be your OTO page, but if they take the OTO up they will need to fill in their paypal details again.

    You should look at using Plimus, Clickbank or Digiresults to be your payment processor so you can simply do One Click Upsells.

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    I found this site.

    Says they work with paypal.

    No affiliation.
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    Alternate method:

    Page 1: Sales page with "buy now!" button (goes to page 2)
    Page 2: Upsell page with two separate paypal buttons: "buy regular + upsell" (goes to page 3a) and "buy only regular" (goes to page 3b)
    Page 3a: Paypal checkout of regular + upsell
    Page 3b: Paypal checkout of regular only
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