Best Premium Wordpress Theme???

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Hi everyone.

I've been trying to decide which is the best Wordpress theme and it's all starting to run together.

I'm fairly new to internet marketing and certainly am not a techie so some of the theme descriptions for customization sound daunting (Hooks?, Leafs? WHAT?).

I have looked at Thesis, Headway, and Flexibility.

All thoughts, opinions, suggestions, and/or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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    hi..i love wp comfy theme...
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    There are so many great Themes out there, but I really like Flexibility Theme, with easy to use features, just my preference, its what you like, whats friendly, and in most cases many flexible options. Flexibility-developers keep updating these, adding new buttons, guess I'm hooked...-Free version works great for review sites.
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      I have just started to play around with the Thesis theme and I am really enjoying its simplicity AND its flexibility.

      Honestly, my site is so simple right now because there are so many different aspects to play around with. I am playing around with all the features on another blog of mine (personal blog that I treat as my own sandbox). Soon, I will have developed a more sophisticated version of the website.

      But, so far, I am quite happy with Thesis.

      And welcome to internet marketing...GOOD LUCK and I wish you success.
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    Take a look at revolution themes, they are pretty good. I used one called Magazine for one of my sites and lt looks pretty good.

    It's still not working for you??? Need direction?...
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    Agreed with Reed7 I would recommend Flexibility Theme, you might take time to customize it at the beginning but once you master it you will love it. However there another paid version of Flexibility Theme called flexsqueeze best to check it out.
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      Originally Posted by moneymaking17 View Post

      Thanks you
      I have read on the other thread with this kind of reply with the same person.

      Anyway, I have used Headway for quite some time now and I can tell you that it is super flexible. Some of my landing pages are built using the headway theme for we can just remove the header and navigation easily and then I did my own tweaks.

      We can add a widgetized header too so we can add some html codes if you know HTML. You can add clickable banners on the header, social media icons and among others.

      You can change the appearance of each of your pages if you like.

      Hope that helps.

      Loieto Tugas
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    I like Woo themes. They are friendly to use and look great and have a great framework.
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      I like Arjuna from SRS solutions.

      Gail Bottomley has a nice free theme too, called versatile.

      If you need more flexibility though, you might have to put up with the complexity too; it tends to come with the territory.
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    There are tons out there and many good ones.

    I have a half dozen or so in my arsenal.....take a look at Socrates, Thesis, Catalyst, Optimize Press (great for salespages and squeeze pages), clickbump
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    Contentsites: WooThemes... handy framework, outstanding designs.

    Salesletters and squeeze pages: Optimize Press
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  • Profile picture of the author bondyusoff - nice eye-catching theme
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    I like Optimize Press, it's a premium option but it's very versatile and great for putting together quick but professional clean lookin pages.

    Otherwise I recommend checking out Theme Forest - they have tons of unique but very attractive themes for every purpose and look you're going for and they're all in the $25-$35 range for the most part.
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