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Hello there warriors,

i have my conversion rate around 2-3% overall, but my sites are still not ranking high enough so i think that this will go to 4-5%, i am getting around 800-1000 clicks to amazon per month, and i am interested how big are conversion rates on holidays, november and december, just to make some math how much would i make with 1k click to amazon in december if my average sale is 3.5$ - 4$

Thanks and kind regards
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    HI Ivan,

    there is an ebb and flo to amazon conversion rates. For instance last month I only had a conversion rate of about 4.5% at 2019 clicks but so far this month I am up to 7.08% @ 2500 clicks. I seem to average about 2300-2500 clicks per month.

    Granted I have only been in the Amazon game since March so the sample size is not huge. But if I am to predict the holiday buying season I would hope I could be up around 6-8% conversion o 3-4k clicks per month. But that's if i stop building sites, which is not going to happen because I am ramping up to create at least 20 more sites before November.

    good luck in your amazon quest!

    "The force is strong with this one"
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    how much are you getting per sale ? thanks for nice wishes i wish you the same )
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    Last month I hit 25,230 clicks with 2,729 orders. That is around 10%.
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    how are you linking amazon products , can you show us some of your sites for example.

    and how much are you earning per sale man, congrats on earrings doh
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    hehee adding you on Skype to comment my sites if you have time to do that thanks for long description here. Kind regards
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    I think it between %4-%6 because it is physical product so it more conversion
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    Untargetted I get less than 1%, and suggest putting focus on pushing a product or service. With a good target I get 1.7% on a product that is expensive. High cost products help you generate a lot more revenue. That is why I prefer to push to quality items using power of amazon name.
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    I've been promoting Amazon more lately and am converting at around 7%. This is pretty average for semi-targeted traffic IMO.
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    I convert at about 5-6%. Not spectacular, but i also use adsense on the websites, so there are 2 income streams. If i would use just amazon, i think the conversion rate could go up.
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    OK, thanks for all the answers, but is conversion rate bigger in december, as we all know that in that time people are buying all the time

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    My average for niche sites is about 5% but my newest online store (boating link) is actually around 20% but I'm sure that is just because it is new and the numbers haven't evened out yet. So far it has stuck around that 20 though.
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    hehe can anybody tell me is conversion rate rising around december ?
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    Yes of course conversion rates rise around the December holidays.

    Conversion rates differ greatly between niches, products, keywords, and traffic sources.

    To increase conversion you should add pictures of the products to your pages and make them into affiliate links. Repeat the affiliate links a few times on each of your pages, get those visitors over to Amazon!
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    hey thanks, hope you are doing ok with your sites, well i am doing all of this linking inside review articles, linking pictures and so on, i think that my problem is probably that all sites are not ranking great so the traffic i get is not 100% se traffic, i mean probably it will never be 100% se traffic but it should be at least 80% and then maybe i can see true conversion rate overall on my sites.

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