The summary of making money online (correct me if I'm wrong)

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It's been few days I'm not online and I'm really miss WF.
I was painting my house.:rolleyes:

So, today, I'm gonna share the summary of making money online :

Product Research
Like any big company, R&D is one of the important thing in company growth.
It's exactly the same for us, IM. If we want to grow our income, we must do product research carefully.

Under product research included :
-keyword research
--find buying keyword
--looking the competition

and then, after you do the product research, it's now time to select the right product you want to sell.

It's might be your own product/service, or others (affiliate)

You can sell product that you create yourself such as, your own ebook/digital products etc/. Or even, your home made cookies. (I love cookies).

What else.....

Owh...if you don't have any of your own, you can sell others product.
Like being an associate for Amazon, Commission Junction etc.
Or perhaps, you can become an affiliate for digital products (Clickbank, W+, DigiResults, PayDotCom etc)

The next part you need for your business is, someone to see your offer.


Like conventional business, we need to display the products.
In our case.

It can be :
-Free/Paid website
-Social Page (Facebook/Twitter etc)
-and so on

In this step, what you need to do is, to present your 'shop' as professional as it can.

You might want to consider the designs of your 'shop', color tones, using appropriate language etc.


Promotion is a blood of selling. Without promotion, nobody will know the existing of your product.

In simple word, you need to SHOUT to people about your product.
Make your product existence, noticed.

So, this is where we have 2 type of promotion.

Free Method and Paid Method.

Usually, free method consume more time than paid method.

For free method you can display your website at the back of your car, of wear a shirt with your written on it. Is that only?

No, there're too much method to promote your product that not too costly.

You can consider to rank #1 on Search Engine (SEO)
or you can make people talk about your business or product. (Viral Marketing)
you can also using Social Media, to create the buzz on your product (Social Media marketing)
and my favourite, Email Marketing. Get people to subscribe to your mailing list, by offering freebies, and educate that mailing list about your product and start to sell at them.

That are some of free methods, there are plenty of it.

Okay, what about paid method?

1. Pay Per Click Advertising
2. CPA Advertising
3. Rent a space on famous websites
4. etc

Like free methods, they are a lot of paid method you can choose.

Remember, the concept is simple. Get your products seen.

well, that's it 'making money online'.

There are too many ways to make money online.
Too many philosophies.
Too many variable to consider.
Too many methods to work for.

But, please forget not, what you really need is, making a sale. (or getting Clicks for Adsense, or sign up for CPA)

That's it......

To all experts out there, please add some more point that I may missed.
Correct me, if I wrong anywhere.

I just a warrior that see peoples had drowning by a lot of informations.

Best Wishes;
Raja Kamil
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    That's one way to do it.

    There are lots of others. Different for different people and different niches.

    I have niches where I don't do any of that so I guess it's up to people to use their brain and look at their own situation.

    I don't follow the strategy you laid out because fundamentally I only create online businesses in areas that I have an interest or understand an existing problem people have.

    But I know a lot of people new to IM don't care what niche they are in and could follow your plan without a problem.

    Many people also don't like to spend money when they start out because they have no experience of success and don't want to risk too much to try it out, so some of the things that they really should do they won't because they want to do it for free, so even if you did put down the perfect plan - some people will still not follow it fully.

    nothing to see here.

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