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First of all not sure if I am posting in the right place, if not please move to the correct spot.. TIA

I own this site, frequencyapps. Have been working on putting key words into the content on the website.. Have posted on product related forums to bring traffic to the site, have started a blog to bring traffic to the site...

Began the Key word integration about a month ago, results have been good about 45% growth in traffic in the last month.. But starting with a little bit of traffic, dn take much to get a good growth rate.. Now averaging 40 Visitors and 55 hits a day... Takes 50 visitors to generate a sale..

I have a good foundation set, both on the site and with my distribution system.. So now its time to crank up the heat... I tried to do a targeted email blast 10k emails to a very targeted audience, used consumer base to do this ... With perhaps 25 hits as a result.

So how do I turn up the heat?


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    do you have a good product funnel in place, because that is really important once you have traffic and leads rolling in? If not, setup a product funnel with atleast 20 products in your autoresponder and focus exclusively in building your list.

    Drive more traffic. Do joint ventures if you have your own products. Do solo emails to targeted list and get involved with adswaps. Build a huge content site, minimum 500 articles with good silo struture, LSI, optimization and linking structure.

    Focus in purchasing leads from getresponse power leads and test it out, jump into coreg leads and again test it out. Start article marketing, video marketing and also setup viral marketing systems in your squeeze page using viral friend generator and viral pdf softwares. This should heat up your system into a roaring fire...

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