App products hosted by sellers---are these kosher?

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Still a fairly low-to-medium grade noob techwise here, I keep seeing these applications that are available, some free, some inexpensive, some pretty pricey, that don't allow you to download them but only permit access online somewhere (eg ebook cover makers, image/banner generators, various Facebook doodads).

Knowing about such things as 'stealth'-type links in WordPress footers or tracking links in some ebooks, I wonder how safe these products are to use, particularly from the standpoint of the seller/host having access to all the information we must at times plug in in order to make use of the application.

Can anyone shed some light, if not put my mind at ease (or not, if such is the case)? TIA.
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    There are many hosted apps, you need to do research on each service individually.

    For example: services like aweber and basecamp are very reputable and well established. However there might be apps or services run by dishonest people.

    Search for reviews on each service (or app) and see what others are saying.


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      Not sure these apps have been blessed by a rabbi...

      Truth is, the apps are about as safe as dealing with the companies offering them. I wouldn't get too worried about apps from companies like Amazon or the weather channel, or such.

      Cap'n Billy Bob's WhizBang Widgets, on the other hand...
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        Replies appreciated, pretty much confirms what I'd kinda sorta figured.

        Tried one o' these and the site (WP platform) where it was hosted had a couple peculiar bugs right off so I have opted out and sworn 'em all off.

        Time to learn a little coding of my own.

        Thanks again.
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