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When someone purchases a wordpress plugin from you and your optin form states sign up for product updates that is exactly what your customers are signing up for. It is not a green light to send affiliate offers every other day. I am getting a little sick and tired of getting spammed by warriors that I have signed up for product updates then they are relentlessly sending me other warrior affiliate links. This has to stop since if it doesn't I will be making sure that your auto responder will be shut down. If you want to spam your customers with junk email then be honest and state hey I am only reselling this plug in(which is true for about 99% of the warriors out there) I have absolutely no control over updates but if you want to be on my email list then please sign up. But you have to stop saying sign up for product updates then start sending spam. You have been warned.
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    I agree with the sentiment in your post, but this topic has been discussed on what seems like a daily basis here for ages. Yet Another Thread on it isn't going to do much good.

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    when you subscribe to someone list you should know that he is looking to make $$$ from you if you can't live with that just click on unsubscribe the easiest way to stop the headache
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    • Well as stated in the beginning of this thread. I subscribe to get product updates. Nothing more nothing less. Yes I am fully aware of the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. The point that was being made is the false advertising. I am not naive enough not to realize why they want me on their list. But the point being made is be up front and tell your customer about your "list" instead of hiding behind a product update facade. And as far as their is nothing that can be done. Trust me if customers report their emails as spam their auto responders will shut them down.
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