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Hi everyone. I need some advice and direction from more experienced IM. I need help deciding in what are of IM to go into. I am not in need of cahs right now since i live with parents( i am 17). But thing is i want to become more independent and to to that i need money. That is i need around $750 a month to support myself. So i decided to start with online business because of low barrier for entry. I know there are many areas of online business like affilate marketing, info products and so one. Now i like doing something that i enjoy. For example i follow stock market but i am only beginner and i cant sell products. Also i play one of the instruments for 8 years now and it seems that all of affilate website point to one product. Maybe i could create my own product and star selling it. Or i should i do some affiliate marketing?

Thank you
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    There are much info on this forum on that topic. Just read the forum to start. Secondly your best bet is to offer your own service on a forum like the Warrior Forum. For example an article writing service is very popular. This way as you learn the tips and tricks of marketing online you can be earning a little money as well.

    You also really need a list, but that is beyond where you are at, at this point. Start a service though and do something.....many people on these forums are dreamers and they never do anything.....if you do something you can go a long ways.
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    If you want to succeed, stay focused on the #1 most important thing in your business that will keep you wealthy for your lifetime...


    Build a list of people (email addresses is a great place to start) of people who want to hear from you and value what you say. Every 8-figure IMer focuses almost exclusively on building their list, and it sure isn't an accident that they are also the wealthiest marketers in the world. If you ever find yourself not earning the money you want, you can be 100% certain it's because you strayed from the #1 focus - your list!

    The easiest way to start is to create a simple squeeze page with an email optin form from Aweber. Then find where your potential customers are, and GET THEM ON YOUR LIST!

    For example, you've been playing an instrument for 8 years. That's a great place to start. Go to a forum where people love playing that instrument and learning about how to play that instrument, and make them sign up to your email list.

    You can be the smartest marketer in the world, but with no list, you won't make a penny. Focus, focus focus on building your list ALWAYS, and don't get sidetracked from it!
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    Originally Posted by Government View Post

    i need around $750 a month to support myself.
    Well, $25 per day (average) is by no means over-ambitious to build up to, through IM, and the good news is that if you can get there, you can get higher.

    Originally Posted by Government View Post

    Maybe i could create my own product and star selling it. Or i should i do some affiliate marketing?
    I always think that when you're new, and young (I was a year older than you when I started), affiliate marketing's a better starting-point because it's more flexible: it gives you the chance to build up some business without being irrevocably tied to the success and continuity of any individual product. I think creating your own product, right out of the gate, is possibly a few too many eggs in one basket, in a way? Just my perspective. Good luck!

    Be very careful of starting an article-writing service (I don't have one but I used to) because at the lower end of the market, where it normally feels right for most people to start, charging about $5 - $8 for an article, there are almost more service-providers than customers and it's as competitive as you can ever need. And note that your success with an article-writing service depends more on your marketing skills than on your writing skills (though those help, too).

    By the way, I think you'll find Joe's signature-file encouraging: there's no link there, and nothing promoted, but you'll like the text.
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      I'd like to all of you for great advice. And Joe's signature looks really great!
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    Yes #1 is to keep moving forward. You love music obviously and playing instruments. You could create a blog about that, add quality content to your blog about experiences, about whats going on in music etc etc, list goes on with topics to write about. Get a twitter account and focus on following musicians and anyone who likes music and instruments.

    Monetize your site with Adsense or Affiliate/cpa offers. ebay/amazon. Or maybe develop your own product. When you add content to your site tweet it out to your followers. Content is king to keeping people interested.

    That is just 1 of many things you could do. Add your own twist and profit.
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