Simple Tip To Think Of BMR Post Titles

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I personally really struggle to think of Build My Rank post titles, after about 10 or so posts for the same keyword, my mind just goes blank.

What I now do is simply search my keyword in EzineArticles like this [keyword] and look at all of the titles that people are using for their articles, it's really easy and I guarantee you'll either find ideas straight away or you'll spark off ideas for titles.

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    Best practices for BMR include using the anchor text, e.g. "blue widget," in the title. So I just put the anchor text and something vaguely related to the article content.

    My best tip for writing BMR posts is to invent people who are shopping for, looking at, using, or talking about the "anchor text." This offers endless possibilities of writing about Joe, Ginette, and Aunt Sally doing something related in some broad way to the "anchor text."
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