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Hey guys,

I am a new internet marketer and I have created my first sales website. Now I just need to market it. I want to do mostly free marketing. My idea is to do a ton of article marketing. I know of ezine and hubpages, but my question to all of you is: what other article or blog sites can I use to market. Also, what other methods can I use to promote my website for free?


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    BMR- short articles, 150 word, good backlinking for rank- signup/10 free.
    Social monkee, social network, free-dailey plan

    Figure out an overall strategy, set a few reasonable goals, research tonne of info available right here at warriors.
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    You can also try creating videos about your site and upload them to youtube and other similar sites.
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    Press releases and blog commenting. Also create an RSS feed and submit it to RSS directories.

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    Try Suite101, Articlebase, Buzzle, webpronews, Articlecity just to name a few. Also Hubpage is like squidoo so that's another good site. Don't just stick with Article submiting. Try getting a twitter account and start following people that are interested in your product. Keep following so when you add content to your site you ca tweet it out and people can come right to it.
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    I would recommend sticking with at most 3 traffic sources and have a daily plan for each.
    On that note I recommend: Article Marketing, Forum Marketing and blog posting

    You can schedule something liske 2 articles a day, 450 words each
    20 forum post a day..make sure the forum allows a signature
    10 blog post a day

    If you do this consistent at least 4 times a week you will see a good influx of traffic building up slowly.

    When you get some sales going I would recommend you to get Market Samurai and use the back links feature to get a more targeted approach to where you will post your blog comments
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    Opt-in or Email Marketing works well too, but even this would require you to gain access to a list of email addresses first. Which shouldn't be hard to get imo

    Learn How to Create a Website for FREE. | Improve Search Engine Rankings through On-page SEO.

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    thanks for all the help guys. I hadnt thought of a lot of things you have mentioned

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