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Hi Warriors,

I need a bit of advice with my new Membership Site, Sales Page and Affiliate zone for my new squeeze page packages, before I get it approved with ClickBank.

This is my Sales Page: (I'm adding a video soon)

My affiliate JV Centre:

My Membership Site: (I'm adding more sections soon)

After payment through Clickbank you are taken via a Thankyou Page to the Members Area Log-in. I then want to offer 3 packages in the first month for $37 then release another 3 packages in month 2 and so on. This is a recurring billing of $37 each month.

My question is:

Do I need a Wordpress Member plug-in to get this to release 3 packages each month automatically or there another way to acheive this.

I have installed a free WP member plug-in but it requires you to sign-up to my WP site.
I know some paid membership plug-ins like WishList handle the payment, but Clickbank is doing that so I just need a system that releases 3 packages per month to individual members as they all join at different times obviously.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mike German
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    I'm interested in feedback on this issue too. I've never been able to find the right membership plugin that handles drip feed content in the way I need it to.
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    You can set the the membership site with Amember, its a php based package that is used allot with membership sites. It also does recurring payments and tutorials on setting up the package
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    I would prefer you stick to Wordpress for as long as possible, but if you have to switch, then I will have to go with Stephen here. Amember is quite a good PHP based script but it might require the job to be freelanced.

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    I have installed a free WP member plug-in but it requires you to sign-up to my WP site.
    Isn't the basic idea of a "membership" site that they MUST sign up/into the members area?
    In this case the "inside" is in your WP.

    As it is set up now - based on your link - that is NOT a membership area/section.
    It is a plain page in your WP. Nothing else.

    Whether you use a free or paid membership plugin... it's irrelevant. The idea is that the plugin/script will protect the content of the members area, so only paid and logged-in members can see it. Otherwise you don't have a membership site.

    As Tracey said above, look for plugins that have the drip (dripping content; drip feed) feature: that's the thingy giving access to the next content package to all the members based on their sign-up date; e.g. 1 week after sign-up, 1 month after, 2 month... etc.

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