Flippa - The 'Bid Pending' Trick

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Hey Warriors,

Here's a simple little tip for anyone buying a website on Flippa:

If you spot an auction that says “x bids pending” you can use this little trick to win the auction by just $1!

To take advantage of auctions with pending bids, you should try to estimate what those pending bids may be.

For example, if the current bid is $1000 and there is 1 more pending bid, it would be reasonable to estimate the pending bid is $1050 (as $50 is the minimum bid).

Try bidding $1051.

Now, when both bids are accepted you will be the highest bidder by just $1.

If you waited until the previous pending bid was accepted, you would have to bid a minimum of $1100!

If you get outbid, just do it again.

This can save you a ton of money and allow you win an auction as cheaply as possible.

I hope that makes sense!

I also hope it gets you a good deal
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    Great tip dude, thanks I'll remember that.

    Pity they don't run it like ebay, it's no fun without your stopwatch running down and your finger hovering over the 'enter' key

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    That sounds like a great tip. Have you tried it?
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      Originally Posted by garyv View Post

      That sounds like a great tip. Have you tried it?

      I use it everytime I place a bid (as long as there is a bid pending). It's always my goal to bid as little as possible as late as possible, and winning an auction by $1 is always a good feeling hehe

      ---> Flappy Bird <---

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    Awesome tip man. Thanks a lot. I will definitely try this.

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    Hmmm that is interesting, never look at it like that but will give it a go. Thanks
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    As I buyer, I love the pending bid because it actually prevent potential bidders to bid (since they do not know what price to bid). I got a couple of sites cheaply this way.

    Thanks for your tip
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    As a seller, we love this strategy too...it gets us more bids and a "chance" to get a bidding war going.

    Here's another tip: Try this strategy at exactly 4 hours out from the close of the auction. If you bid inside the last 4 hours, it extends the auction on Flippa for another 4 hours, giving the potential buyer time to sleep and wake up and bid again! If you use this strategy right at the last four hours of the auction, you maximize the chance that nobody else will be able to sneak another bid in before the auction ends.

    We have an auction going with "pending" bids right now...check it out!
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    Cool tip just purchased a website on wednesday to get more traffic to my main site. This will be a sister site

    Your trick would have came in handy. Must remember for next time! Cheers.
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