I Need Smokers Who Want To Quit...

by TD 9 replies
...in 3 minutes!

This isn't a joke and I'm not selling anything.

I'm in the process of selling a website and want to get some new testimonials for the new version of the subliminal audio that I've created. If you are looking to quit smoking and wouldn't mind testing this new version of my Quit Smoking In 3 Minutes program then please PM me.

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    I need to quit smoking bad! Health reasons. PM sent.
    WSO Addicts Blog

    AKA "webnetincome" before the big name changes!
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    I need quitters that want to smoke... :^)

    Sorry, tourette's.
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      I need to quit too, send me the details
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        Shoot me the info I have been trying to quit for the past year...after starting again from a 4 year no smoking spree.

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          Develop a CD to help smokers with the anxiety they experience when in a situation where they simply cannot smoke like on an airplane or in an office at work. That market is HUGE!

          Put it together and lets talk about putting it together with my product.

          SmokeScents.com - When You Can't Light Up
          Domains For Sale http://cdbn.com
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            I'd love to test it out.

            I hate smoking, been addicted for 13 years now. Let me know if I can help.



            Over $30 Million In Marketing Data And A Decade Of Consistently Generating Breakthrough Results - Ask How My Unique Approach To Copy Typically Outsells Traditional Ads By Up To 29x Or More...

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    Originally Posted by TD View Post

    I Need Smokers Who Want To Quit...
    Does today look like January 1st to you or something?

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      Send me a PM. I am willing to give it a try
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      • I want to share with this group my quit smoking tip~
        Biggest thing I have ever done was QUIT~

        One of the reasons we love to smoke is the RUSH we get when we light one up.

        INSTEAD of lighting a cig - just suck in the air like you DID.....

        You see we love oxygen~and the rush ~ the other is get natural cigs
        the chemicals are more then HALF the battle! It may help~

        I send blessings of success to each one of you!!!!!!!!!!!

        Karen Ortiz - Tennessee
        Dedicated To Seeing You Totally Set Free
        In Every Area of your Life
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