Did you ever meet your foreign outsourced worker? I just did

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Hi all,

I outsource many articles to a woman from Pakistan. And today I met her, here in New York. I never thought this will happen.

She came here to visit family and on the way back to the airport, we met in a public park. She explained to me how she looks like, I did the same and we met at the appointed time.

It was really very nice. I was caught by surprise when she gave me a gift that she brought from Pakistan.

The meeting was interesting - even just for the fact that we met at freelancer.com. I, from NY and she from Pakistan - I never thought I'll meet her in person!

Did any of you ever meet your foreign outsourcers?
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    Actually That would be nice. I got a couple great guys on India and Philippines that I would love to meet since the always put everything on the table to make stuff happen. Oh and a guy from London that he is just out of this world I have yet to find something that he is not capable to do.

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    No, not yet. The people I work for and whom I work with are in the US and Canada, and it's highly probable and possible that we will meet someday for sure....

    Great guys!
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    I love to travel so you can "never say never" as you ofcourse found out
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      I didn't go to Pakistan - she came here.

      But yeah. It's just interesting to meet someone in person from the other end of the world - someone with whom you've just been communicating via e-mail.

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