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by jsncrs
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I'm a IM newb, been doing a ton of research, but just want to make sure I'm on the right track.

What I've done so far:

1. Set up a domain and hosting

2. Set up Propser202 for tracking on newly created domain (Not that I know what tracking is yet)

3. Signed up for accounts with:
Adwords (Used $100 coupon)

Now, I believe the next step in the process is (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

1. Find a niche on Clickbank
2. Create a blog/website to promote this niche
3. Advertise the hell out of blog/website on Adwords, etc..
4. .... Not sure of the next step

Am I on the right track? I'm still a little confused as to how clickbank actually works. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hey, congratulations for taking action!! It makes me so happy to see someone actually take action instead of just sitting on their butt. I can tell you're already on the path to success.

    As for if you're on the right path, keep in mind that...

    ...There's more than one way to be successful. From what you've written so far, it sounds like you want to become a clickbank affiliate. This is one of the best ways to start, because you can earn immediately without going through the hard step of creating the products.

    How does clickbank work? You are selling someone else's product, and in return you get a commission. As an affiliate, your primary goal is to make sure that the person who clicks your affiliate link and views the sales page is ready to buy, buy, buy - which means you'll be getting affiliate checks in the mail.

    As a pointer, if you want to use Adwords to promote your site, use a squeeze page instead of a blog. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of traffic because the visitors click around elsewhere instead of opting into your list or taking the single action you want them to take.
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      Thanks so much. It's all very confusing being a newb as there's so much to learn. Now to decide on a niche... hm
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    You should decide on a niche you are interested in, like one of your hobbies. A game you play, a sport you play, a tv show you watch, etc.

    It is pretty much impossible to profitably buy traffic from Adwords and send it to an affiliate offer. You need to make your own product if you want to buy Adwords traffic, the most expensive traffic there is, and to make it profitable you need to factor in email list building, and affiliate program building.

    Make sure to target only one or two keyword phrase with your homepage, and build links with that anchor text (the keyword you are targeting) to your homepage, and the link juice to your home page will flow down to your other pages. Build as many links as you can with the anchor text set as the keyword you want to rank for, ranking in search engines is all about links.

    Consider getting some articles written at Fiverr dot com, good place to get articles written. Every unique article you add to your site is going to give you more chances to rank for more keywords in search engines.

    Good luck, you've got a long ride ahead of you.
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    Way to go taking action! What you might want to consider is building a list of subscribers in your niche. That way when you get a few hundred subscribers you can send out an affiliate offer (Clickbank) to them.

    Granted, this takes some work but you seem to be action oriented. If you want to be really successful, build a list.

    Good luck,

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