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How much would you pay to have a website built from someone in the Philippines? How much cheaper (percentage-wise) would it be than if it was built by a westerner? Any ideas?
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    You can't put a price, it depends on the website, and how much functionality and design involved.

    If you compare it to western I would say between 1/3 to 1/4 of the price you will pay to a western
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    Hello Joey,

    First, you have to specify what kind of website you are referring to. Is it a website built from scratch using CSS, HTML, and other web programming languages/scripts or just a wordpress site.

    Setting up a wordpress site with your required customization, needed plugins to be installed, adding optin form, and adding graphics just like header and logo, I normally charged it from 25 USD to 35 USD. However, this is quite pricey already.

    Some Filipino Web Developers only charged from 15 USD to 20 USD.

    If you need my help, just pm me. I can find someone who could help you without charging you that much.
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      magiclouie, I can't PM you but if you send me an email through my writer site, I can be more specific. Thanks.
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    I have to say I totally agree with magiclouie in terms of first specifying what type of site you want built and in which language etc. You then have to factor in several other factors, since its not simply easy to compare 'west' with 'east' in this way. For instance what you find in price difference is usually made up by quality customer service and after care.

    I know personally I would value work done to my complete specifications, with good communication much more more highly than shoddy work at a cheaper rate. Your choice of who makes your website should depend on your final goal as well as future intentions rather than deciding purely on price alone regardless of who creates your website in the end.
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    it really depends on what kind of design and graphics you get at the end. Just go to flippa and see some websites for sale and you will have an idea.
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    I think westerns are more expensive but their experience is sometimes a little better.

    But I have got work done in teh philiphines before and been quite satisfied, epecially with joomla, and wordpress stuff.
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    sent you a message through your site m8.
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    Wordpress websites are so easy to build. Watch some tutorials on youtube and build the site yourself. You will learn a lot in the process too.
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  • Hi, WF!

    First of all, the basis of the total costs of an outsourced website depends on how or what the site is made from. Some prefer to create sites entirely from scratch while others prefer using various CMS and make use of preset themes.

    If you want to inject more customization to your site, it would incur extra charges for you. You can send me a PM or visit our site. We give good value to your money, mate.
    White Label Outsourcing
    Whatever IT service you may serve or need, getting your staffs from us is like buying goods straight from the factory.
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    I've done a WordPress site, that isn't a problem. This site will be more complicated and probably have to be HTML, and built from scratch.
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    Try I have used them before and they have always been fast, reliable, and reasonable price. Say that Matt from List Building A-Z sent you after you have negotiated a price and they should give you a further 10% off.

    p.s. they always start high and like to haggle. My last project with them finished at 30% of their orignal quote
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    I would say that wordpress sites are the best sites to own. The reason is because wordpress platform is very user-friendly and it is very convenient for you to add anything to the site. In addition, you can install plugins to enhance your wordpress sites.

    Back to your question on the price of outsourcing a wordpress site creation. It depends on what you are looking for but there is definitely a different price tag on each and every wordpress blog creation project.

    The most significant aspect of outsourcing a wordpress website is to find the right person to build for you. If you can have someone who is aligned with what you are looking for and able to cater to your needs, then it will be advantageous to you.

    Wishing you all the best in your Internet entrepreneurship journey!

    Warmest Regards,
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    Originally Posted by joemayerich View Post

    How much would you pay to have a website built from someone in the Philippines? How much cheaper (percentage-wise) would it be than if it was built by a westerner? Any ideas?
    the cheapest i know is about USD190 for a 4 page static website.
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    Check out the Warriors for Hire section and you'll get an idea.
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    Absolutely! This all depends on the type of website you want to build.
    Is it a static site?
    Is that static site have some functionality of send message to you?
    Is that Wordpress site?
    Is that Wordpress site having some extra functionality, nee to modify the theme or plugin?
    Is that a complete php/mysql based site, that is fully dynamic content?

    There are hundred types of question out there.

    But I can suggest the flippa site where you will find little startup sites too.

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    Well, I hired an Independent Contractor for a month...

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