Best Website Design/Development Proposal for Winning Projects

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I have been using some proposal formats which talks about:

Client Details
Index Page
Project Summary
Existing Environment
Time, Tasks & Cost Estimate
Payment Schedule

Recently stumbled across 2-3 clients who wants a lot more in it like :

Developers Details
Project Timeline
More and More and More Detailed Project Requirement (Not sure how to detail it more than what is in there)
Flow Charts
etc etc.

1) So I would like to know how you are sending your Website Design/Development Proposal and with what Sections and to what detail. If possible, Upload the Used template or sample image or if you are using any website for generation, the link so that we can understand better and come to a conclusion.

2) I would like to know how you handle clients who ask for more details when there exist no more.

3) In Short, How to make a proposal that is perfect to close a deal that shows that we have put in huge efforts initially?

Eagerly waiting to read your replies and solutions

Thanks a Million!
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