Testing Email Response Rates and Trying New Things

by tpw
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I always encourage people to Test Email Response Rates and Try New Things.

But I noticed an email from a marketer whom we all know tonight. His analysis of the known factors and his planned test made me chuckle.

Here is the email:

RE: WSO of the Day for August 25, 2011

If there is just one thing I hope you gain from my daily WSO of the Day emails, it is that testing is key to success in any business - especially internet marketing. I am constantly changing up the emails to see what works best, and today I am doing it again.

Many of you who get this message don't spend time to read too much of my ramblings, but instead jump down to the link so you can see exactly what is being offered. To better understand this, I have decided to try something out...

So, instead of rambling on, for the next few days I will just present to you the link(s) for the WSO of the Day, and let you go right to the source. The offers will still be of the highest quality, and represent what I believe is the best WSO(s) of the day, but I just won't say it in so many words.

Will it work? Who knows - that is really up to you! LOL


Mike Lantz

As a point of interest, I'd like to hear everyone's opinion about how you think this test will turn out...

Vote in the Poll shown above.

Personally, I am predicting that his sales will drop quickly, and Mike will abandon this particular test quickly...

Your thoughts?
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    I figure folks who get the emails aren't really interested in 'why' a particular product has been chosen as WSOTD. They'll just click the link anyway.

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    I'm guessing that just sending people a link with no
    additional copy will cause CTRs and subsequent sales
    to decrease.

    However, until a split-test is done, there's no way to
    know for sure which of the various formats is best.

    If I were doing a test, I'd test out including a link to
    the offer within the first few lines (so that it's viewable
    and clickable without scrolling). I'd also include some
    blurb after the link (for people who want to read the
    copy) and give another link after the blurb.

    Just sending out links with little or no copy makes it
    clear what people need to do but it doesn't portray
    much care or attention from the sender IMO (whether
    that's the case or not - perception is key).

    What you say in an e-mail before you send people to
    see an offer is important and affects conversions on
    the target landing page.

    I'm a believer in using reason-why copy and I'm also
    a big proponent of split-testing so the results of the
    test will be interesting for sure.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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