Tracking ebook sales with Google Analytics?

by Tris
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I'm confused and having a little trouble here!? I use Google Analytics to discover which keyword, or website referred sales to my ebooks.

A lot of traffic comes from:
(direct) / (none)

As oppose to something normal that I understand like:
google / organic / referral

What is this direct traffic GA speaks of? I would love to know exactly where this traffic is coming from? I get a decent amount and I find it pretty hard to believe this is simply all people typing my exact URL into their browsers?!

Or is it? :confused: Couldn't be..

Anybody know what I'm on about here? Or better yet how I can track these visitors from now on? Any info will be appreciated!
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    Hi tris,

    First of all, we want it or not Google anlytics is not the most accurate tracking service there is, it can be way off sometimes.

    The reason for a high percentage of direct/none traffic could mean that there is referrers that send traffic to your site but they have open link in new window set on their page.

    Or visitors come to your site via a Bookmark or a link in an email.

    Try awstats i think they can track better.

    Best of luck,

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      Not sure about email, as I can usually see that. Maybe different email hosts? Opening in a new window makes sense as many affiliates DO do that.

      Thanks so much prowebster.

      I'll check it out. Is this to be used with Google or as oppose to GA?

      I feel bad throwing GA out altogether but I do want to know where half my visitors come from each day.
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