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I'm totally new to Facebook and I'm trying to work out if I can put a video on a Facebook Fan Page on the left-hand side where the profile image and wall, info, etc, tabs are?

I've searched online but can't find an answer.

Can anyone help please.

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    No, you can't.

    I remember at the late Facebook update they're saying to the press that
    they "think" videos are not popular on Facebook, hence they decided to
    "hide/burry" the tab inside the Photos tab to enhance users' experience.

    (That's for personal page, btw, but I think it's no difference for the fan page.)

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    Thanks for sharing that - it's a shame but a great help.

    Maybe you can help clarify another point for me. I already had a FB account that I had created some time ago but never used. I've just set up a new account from a different IP address to the first account BUT when I log into my new account for the first time it's telling me that my first account wants to be my friend!

    Do you have any ideas how that could be? FB is obviously seing that they come from the same source but how can that be if it's a different ID and all the info is different?

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Glad that helps. As for your later issue...

    Are you sure it is a friend request ("XXXXXX added you as a friend") ?
    Or is it just a friend suggestion ("Do you know XXXXXX?") on the right-hand panel?

    I have created 2 accounts myself (totally different user profiles),
    registered using the same ISP (different IP's but the same IP range).
    As far as I can recall, I've only seen friend suggestion between them,
    not friend request. I think there is no chance one will get a friend
    request if the other side didn't manually do the necessary steps.

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    The message is (under accept your friend request): "XXXXX wants to be your friend" - where XXXXX is the identity of my first account.

    How could FB know there was any connection.

    Any ideas?


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