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I started a website a couple of weeks ago and im providing a few products for free (video tutorials) to build the list. I know the website is new and all, but i already got about 20 subscribers in 2 weeks.
My goal would be to sell memberships and maybe a few videos compilation separately.

Question is: What would you think would be the proper way to treat the subscribers? Send them a mail every post to keep them updated? only send them a mail when big changes occurs or for a product launch?
I have sent a couple of emails to them trying to get some communication going (i just use hotmail since i don't have a card to get aweber) but I didn't get any answer... I was thinking that maybe they only subscribe to get the free stuff and that's it.

Any advises? Anybody would share some experience? Thanks to all
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    Congratulations on getting something up and running, you've already taken a big step.

    How often you email them and what you send them really depends on what they signed up for.

    I don't recommend sending emails from a Hotmail account. For starters your emails are probably just going straight to their spam box and when you do want to move them over to a proper auto-responder service you'll probably lose most of them unless you can get them to re-confirm their subscription. Not to mention your email account may be deleted if your emails get tagged as spam

    There must be some way you can sign up for a good auto-responder service. Maybe someone in a similar situation will pipe in.
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      Hi Jeff and thanks for the answer

      Well I know the auto responder would be a must for a membership website.

      About my subscribers they signed up to get the how-to of a trick (don't want to give to much on all of that). So if I come up with more content that will interest them, i guess i could make them sign up again, except if they just created a dummy email address just to subscribe.
      The good thing with all that is: I know that those people are interested in my niche. If i cannot get them to subscribe again, i wont ever be able to sell them paid subscription.
      You are right about the spam thing and the Hotmail account suspension. If anyone have a free service like aweber or even something i could pay with an unverified paypal account that would be a great time to speak up

      And thanks to this whole forum again! There is a lo-ot of useful content in here and really helpful people!
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    Hi El.

    I am not experienced in this, but I 'd suggest that you,
    1. Define the purpose of your blog and why you need subscribers
    2. Decide to get an email marketing software (free or paid) to ease your work if necessary
    3. Have 3 to 4 consecutive auto-respond messages to be sent to new subscribers, in order to make them have a feeling of concern from you
    4. Avoid sending offers too much. Experienced marketers say 60% - 70% good stuff, and 30% to 40% offers.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks a lot for the message.

    The purpose of the site is already set well, im set on that.
    Would you have a good (free or buy-able from an non verified paypal account) email marketing software to recommend?

    You are right... Maybe i'll do a few crispy videos just for the subscribers (not accessible directly on the net) just to show them i appreciate them jumping in.
    For now i don't have enough content to make anyone pay anything but when i will then I will send them an upgrade request email.

    Thanks for this answer
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