Tip for making videos iOS compatible (iPad, iPhone, etc)

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Hi guys,

Over the last year I've noticed a very big uptrend in the number of customers accessing my website via their iPad or iPhone.

The reason I know is because I currently use DLGuard to deliver product, and I deliver it in zip format. Then I get customers who tell me the download is not working for them because they're expecting to download it straight into iTunes on their portable device. iOS doesn't support zip files.

Anyway, that got me to thinking that most of my videos (including my sales video) are NOT iOS compatible! So I'm leaving money on the table.

I did some research and realized the fix is quite simple. Make sure you encode the videos in MP4 format, using H.264 codec.

If that is too complicated, go use a product called "Handbrake" (linked below) and simply import any of your videos and change the format to an iPad compatible format.

I suggest not going bigger than 640 x 480 unless you need to. Or 640 x 360 for widescreen (I shoot using a Kodak Zi8)

Here's Handbrake (yes it is totally free)

My experience with handbrake is great. It is really FAST at converting videos, so I don't have to wait around. Plus I can just create videos, upload to my FTP server and have my outsourcers do the conversion and upload the final video to my video player script admin.

I discovered Handbrake, FYI, by looking into the support pages from EasyVideoPlayer, a script that I'm using on my sites. I won't link to it (it's on Clickbank), but I'm certainly an advocate of it. Lotsa great features and worth buying if you can afford it.
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