Google Plus Turns into a LIST BUILDING machine, more favorable than Opt-ins on facebook!

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Google Plus - Social Network has been a hit.
I've decided to write this post due to the, ...
serious opportunity to build a list right away.

Now, with the latest limited user access to
Google Plus, I take credit for using Google+
to build my list, while others use Facebook.

Ultimately, Google+ is a LIST BUILDING tool!

It's a tool to builds you an e-mail opt-in
and you can organize the separation of
Friends, Family, Internet Marketers,
White Papers, Audios, Videos, Your Ads,
Campaigns, etc.. Here's what I mean..

I am an author for a few SEO related books,
and I've changed out my Opt-in on my landing
page to the action that leads my traffic to join
my Google Plus account, and when they join my
list or request an invitation, I offer my eBook for
FREE to those who join my 'SEO eBook' category!

You can get creative and do it in your own style!

The other way to do this is to use live hangouts,
using the webcam video feature. It's like a webinar
only that it's done in real-time with the interaction.
And your audience and target market will love it!

How to build your list... Get started with an offer!
Give away an incentive to get them to join your Google+ List.

I changed out my landing page to lead to join my link
and accept me as their Google+ Network in exchange
to get access to a Free eBook or Live Video Hangout!

Get Creative, the tool is worth millions, and will make you millions!

Anyways, in short, I'll offer 10 Internet Marketers from
WF access to Google+ if you don't already have an account.
Comment here / pm me.
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