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need working email list of niche: bodybuilding.
who can offer and price please
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    Originally Posted by kamalmix View Post

    need working email list of niche: bodybuilding.
    who can offer and price please
    Your best bet probably isn't going to be here.
    It's probably going to be Google or Bing, and searching for something such as "bodybuilding co-reg", or "fitness leads", etc.... something along those lines.

    Remember, whatever you do, make sure you purchase a legit list, that you have permission to market to.
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    Hi Kamal, it looks like it may be one of those "if that's what you want, you'd be better off changing what you want than finding it" moments. :p

    Let's talk about "lists".

    I think the four main things you need to know, here, are:-

    (i) Very few affiliate marketers who've ever "bought a list" in the way you describe have ever profited from it, and there are reasons for that;

    (ii) The aim of promoting things to "people on your list" is that they're people with whom you have built a relationship, and they're buying on the strength of your recommendation, which you've built up with them from the day that they chose to opt in to your list because you were the person they wanted to hear from. Do you see what I'm saying? When you buy a list, none of that will be so any more, so you'll be missing out on the "profit" aspect of the list, and the reason lists "work";

    (iii) Most lists like this are sold without the people on the list knowing that their email addresses are being sold anyway, which makes their responsiveness terrible. And if they do know that they're being sold, they've typically used throw-away/disposable email addresses, so even the contact-rates are terrible;

    (iv) No autoresponder company will allow you to import a list that you've bought. And the reasons they won't are the very same reasons that you should be extremely careful about contacting them yourself, if you value your internet connection;

    The reason that "building a list" works is that it gives you the opportunity to build relationships with people. Your eventual profits come from those relationships, rather than from the list itself. This thread will both interest and help you.

    I understand your enthusiasm and eagerness to get started, but this isn't an appropriate way forward for you. It's really just a "short-cut", and they're typically not good news at all.
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    You can use Gurulistbuilder for making a huge list of emails for your marketing. Try it out.
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    Most people here will tell you not to buy a list. See Alexa's post above for an explanation of why. If you choose to purchase one anyway, make sure that it is double opt-in and that it isn't stale, otherwise you're wasting your money. My advice would be to buy a site in that niche on Flippa that comes with a list, that way you get the list builder too.
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    Hey OP,

    Alexa hit the main issues spot-on, in my opinion. Instead of buying a list, try this:

    Look for a site on Flippa in your niche that has proven traffic (Verified Google Analytics) but little to no revenue. You'll be able to pick up a site for less if it doesn't have much revenue or, if it does, make sure it's AdSense and not well placed ads.

    That way, you're "buying" into the traffic piece and you can then build the list yourself with people that have a relationship with YOU.
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    To build a list you should write a short free report or make a video with your best body building tips, then offer it in exchange for an email opt-in on a page of your site, or better yet the homepage of your site.

    Buy some traffic from some bodybuilding sites, and you'll grow a list quickly.
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