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I've disputed a Paypal charge, but according to the seller I need cancel the dispute so that the refund can be processed. I thought that was the reason for the dispute?

As you can see I don't do this often, but help files and videos at the site were below useless, and several tickets urgent to the help desk went unanswered, even the refund request until the dispute was opened. According to the merchant (now that the dispute was opened) the help tickets were answered and sent, but I couldn't find them even in the spam folder.

It seemed like a good service (blog syndication network) and had some testimonials by some warriors that I recognized in the field of SEO and I'd really like to use it. But the unanswered tech support questions and they request to cancel the dispute has me wondering.

Is the cancelling the dispute a valid request? If I cancel the dispute will I be allowed to open one again for the same reason? According to him I used the wrong submission (like I said lousy help files and the navigation was almost as bad) and I should give the service another chance.

Not questioning whether I should give them another chance, but rather is the dispute can be reopened or I'll be able to open almost the exact same dispute after cancelling it.

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    I don't believe you can file another dispute for the same product once you close it. Since the seller is lying anyway - you most certainly CAN send a refund during a dispute - then I wouldn't trust them at all.
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      Originally Posted by Tina Golden View Post

      I don't believe you can file another dispute for the same product once you close it. Since the seller is lying anyway - you most certainly CAN send a refund during a dispute - then I wouldn't trust them at all.
      That's what I was worried about, and I was pretty sure the refund could be made. Have my doubts about the way things went with this merchant, it was a WSO with legitimate testimonials. And I REALLY wanted it to work, but....I have my doubts. The subscription was previously cancelled after the non-reponse and would have looked strange re-activating it and asking for a refund again.

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        Thanks guys, I'm glad I asked
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        Actually, he might not be lying. PayPal does allow you to refund a particular transaction while its in dispute but the normal way of refunding, as far as I know, doesn't work.

        One has to go to Resolve this dispute > 'Select course of action' (could be talk to the buyer, refund, etc) and that's where he can refund from. I might not be correct though, so don't quote me on this!

        Also, as others have said, you don't want to resolve the dispute, as you won't be able to re-open it.

        EDIT - Alright, here we go:

        It does work if you go to the transaction which is in dispute and click on the resolve button though. Or, easier, just call PP and they will take care of this.
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          Just an update:

          Does this sound like double talk to you?

          Original reply to the dispute:

          I went to process your refund this morning, but I cannot because there is a PayPal dispute in process. Please cancel the dispute so that your refund may be processed.


          And in a followup email after mentioning my posts here:

          Regarding the refund/dispute... I cannot speak for the opinions of those in the Warrior Forum. We have partnered with PayPal to manage all subscriptions for every member of the DYA Community. As such, it is our policy to allow them to review and determine the resolution of all active disputes. We merely participate in that process, working with our PayPal Representative along the way.


          Geez I thought he said he couldn't issue a refund until the dispute was closed? Didn't mention policy (his) in the original email.

          But I do recall now issuing a refund on a dispute several years ago in which the situation was reversed and I was the merchant that was still active (I would have won BTW, but issued the refund anyway).

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    They can always refund when the dispute is ongoing. I generally refund straight away if someone files a dispute on me - not worth my time to deal with all the hassle involved.

    And no, you cannot raise a dispute again if you close it once. In the most simple language, they are just trying to dupe you.
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    You will not be able to file another dispute once you initiate and close it for the first time. If the merchant is ready to return the money then they can just issue a refund right away and close the dispute. Why do they want to close the dispute before initiating a refund? I don't feel good about it.

    Persistence, Persistence and Persistence.

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