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Question for everyone. If you found a good piece of information and you create a post, do you link to the source or do you cite the source and just place the info on your blog?

For example, Say I found a list of top lawnmowers over at Should I say...

" I found a list of the top ten lawnmowers over at check it out."


"The top ten best lawnmowers according to are

1. xxx
2. xxx
3. xxx
4. xxx
5. xxx

My thing is this. I'd like visitors to stay on my blog, but I also want to provide quality content/resources to them as well. Thanks for the tips.
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  • Good question...This is a problem most publishers face.

    Recently, There was a great case study about a company that managed to do both -- advertise for their partners but still manage to get the readers back to the site.

    Here's the case study . I don't think it will be available forever, because this is supposed to be premium content.
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