One Authority Site or Lots of Micro Sites - Which Is Better?

by rimam1
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I've got a site that's battling it out for the top 5 positions (hovering between top of page 2 and bottom of page 1) for keywords with exact match searches of 49k, 22k, 9900, and 8100 monthly searches.

I'm going to focus my efforts on much less competitive keywords because I'm absolutely burnt out trying to rank for those: writing articles, doing UAW submissions, AMR blasts, profile links, mass blog comments, video submissions, etc.

I'm going to create a bunch of micro sites, BUT if you can help me crack the top 5 (or recommend someone who can), I'll share the keywords and see if we can make a plan. PM me.

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    Create keyword specific satellite sites to rank high in the serps and link them to
    content on your authority site. Keep building keyword satellite sites and repeat the
    process until you notice organtic targeted traffic arriving via the s.sites.

    Your authority site will begin to climb as your satellite sites move up in the SE's
    for their targeted keywords.

    So, My answer is to Do Both!

    Hope that Helps,
    Have a Great Day!
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