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When you buy a domain from GoDaddy auctions, does the domain keep it's age?

I'm planning on doing a SEO experiment and I need to know.

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    In most cases, once it goes through the entire expiration process, it loses its age. If you obtain it before is is deleted from the domain records, it retains its age.
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    Use any WHOIS site, like If any info comes up, it has not been deleted from the record. If it says 'available', it has been deleted.
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    I find they pretty much always keep their age - but you check the registration and make sure its not being dropped. The normal rule is as long as you maintain the same registrar then is unlikely to lose its age.
    I always double check on the registration page at domain tools. (its faster than a normal whos) for example: - Watch Big Bang

    hope that helps
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    I don't know the answer to this - but, I would definitely like to know - FOR SURE.
    Does anyone know FOR SURE (in other words, they can say - I bought domain x and it kept its age)? - because this is a very important issue.

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    Just to add to this... if you keep the domain hosted with Godaddy it should keep its age. Often times if you go and change to domain to another host, the age will reset.

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    To answer your question, yes, it will keep it's age. I just find that buying domains through the Godaddy auctions are a little bit to expensive for my taste.

    Unless you really want that perfect .COM and pay thousands of dollars......
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    Well I've been doing a little bit of domain research and already found a 4 year old domain with PR4. Not too shabby.
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    Be aware that there are a lot of fake PR domains on the market.
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    Use the "info" operator in Google like this - or

    If you see a different domain name in the results, it's probably a fake. When people redirect their domain to a higher PR website, it appears that the domain has the PR when it really doesn't.
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      Great advice from Gene, Pat & a couple others here. I've bought dozens of aged domains with PageRank & backlinks from GoDaddy and have never had the PR reset. That being said, you need to stay with the same registrar (GoDaddy). For some reason when we switch registrars the aged domains are not treated the same by Google.

      I've developed a really cool tool that searches GoDaddy Auctions using the keyword(s) of your choice. You can see it at: Coach's Keyword Tool. The tool allows you to sort by PageRank, # of backlinks, end time, or price. Best of all, it's totally free to use, so check it out!
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      My PROVEN ecommerce process, as seen on: Fox News, the NY Times & Flippa
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